PallyCon’s Anti Piracy USP

Global Piracy Monitoring

Monitor the whole world rather than a limited specific region.

Real-time enforcement for infringements

Get down illegal content from Pirated sites.

Comprehensive Reporting

Unlock deeper audience insight with PallyCon's unrivalled piracy demand data.


Platforms Covered

Sample Piracy Audit Report

Key Differentiators and Benefits : Your Guide to Better Decisions

Feature Comparison Get Free Piracy Audit Report

Anti Piracy Service Feature

Sophisticated System to track down piracy of your premium content

24×7 Fully Automated service for monitoring

Global Coverage (for crawling, Detection & Take down)

Automated and manual takedown service

Trace source of Piracy with Forensic watermarking

Detailed Report and Analysis

Suitable for VOD and Live streaming Content

Anti Piracy FAQ’s

What does Anti-Piracy Means?

Anti Piracy is a service that can monitor and take down illegal online distribution such as web, social media, and P2P sites for contents registered by customers.

How does PallyCon Anti-Piracy helps?

Pallycon’s smart intelligent crawling engine detects hundreds of illicit pirated links over the internet, and takes down the same while providing customers with choice to detect the source of piracy. (Piracy source detection requires the use of PallyCon Forensic Watermarking).

What is a 'takedown' notice to the pirate website?

PallyCon Anti Piracy service can issue a DMCA Takedown Notice to the pirate website and that content is subsequently eliminated from the site.