Protecting Audio Content with PallyCon Multi-DRM: Part 2
In the last post, we found out the historical background and the need for audio DRM. In this post, we will learn to more about Protecting content with Multi-DRM.  
AWS SPEKE API integration with PallyCon
Early last year (2018), we announced the API integration between PallyCon multi-DRM service and Amazon Web Services (AWS). As AWS officially announces the release of the Secure Packager and Encoder
Meet PallyCon at NAB Show 2019
INKA Entworks will participate in NAB SHOW 2019 and introduce PallyCon cloud based Multi-DRM and Forensic Watermarking. Stop by our Booth #SU6605 (in South Upper Hall) at NAB show 2019
Protecting Audio Content with Multi-DRM - PallyCon
Audio content seemed to be forgotten due to the popularity of video content. But it is in the spotlight again. As paid audio content and platforms grow, there is a growing
Introducing PallyCon DR(Disaster Recover) system
The stability of online services based on cloud platforms has emerged as a major issue due to the massive failure of the AWS Seoul region in November last year. Traditionally,

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