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PallyCon and Signiant Join Forces to Revolutionize Content Protection in Post-Production Workflow

PallyCon is proud to announce an innovative partnership with Signiant, Inc., aimed at enhancing content protection in the post-production workflow. This collaboration combines PallyCon’s cutting-edge forensic watermarking technology and Signiant’s renowned Media Shuttle software to deliver a comprehensive solution for content owners, studios, and post-production houses.

This offering introduces forensic watermarking as a service, eliminating the need for complex infrastructure and specialised knowledge. This means content creators can seamlessly integrate robust content protection into their post-production workflows with peace of mind.

PallyCon’s forensic watermarking, combined with Signiant Media Shuttle, guarantees robust, quick, and traceable invisible watermarking.

Media Shuttle is the easiest and most reliable way for people to send any size file, anywhere, fast. With Signiant’s proprietary transport technology, Media Shuttle transfers can be up to one hundred times faster than traditional transfer methods, and built-in Checkpoint Restart offers rock-solid reliability. More than fifty thousand businesses and over one million end-users rely on Signiant to move petabytes of high-value content every day.

“PallyCon’s Forensic watermarking and Signiant Media Shuttle will offer an automated workflow with multi-layered security and traceability. The setup is super quick without complex configuration or integration.”Harish Bhat, Product Manager, stated,

Multi-Layered Security

The joint solution incorporates multiple layers of security to safeguard content throughout the post-production workflow. Encryption, access controls, chain-of-custody tracking and other security measures are seamlessly integrated to provide maximum protection.

Single Frame Detection

PallyCon’s forensic watermarking solution, Audited by Cartesian for forensic watermarking robustness, supports detection for short clips of 30 sec and single frame if captured by high-end mobile. Such a high level of accuracy ensures tracking of the source of content leakage and legal authentication.

“Signiant is proud to partner with PallyCon. Security and efficiency are at the top of our customer’s minds,” said Robert Browne, Signiant’s VP, Global Technology Alliances and Partnerships. “This integration will make it even easier to protect assets as they move through today’s complex media supply chains.”

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About Signiant: Today’s Signiant is much more than just fast, reliable, and secure file transfers. The Signiant Platform is an integrated set of SaaS products that make media content flow easier and more efficient. The Signiant Platform allows tedious tasks to be automated. Remote teams can find, preview and interact with media across distributed, diverse storage networks. Enterprises can exchange content throughout complex supply chains, and deliver files seamlessly to, from, and across clouds and on-premises storage. And they’ll also be able to reach new levels of efficiency with automated, high-volume content preparation and distribution tools.