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Content creators, Hollywood studios, or content houses can use Widevine to ensure the protection of content from getting leaked or pirated across every device.

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About Google Widevine DRM

For Google’s Widevine DRM system, three different security levels are defined:

  • Security Level 1 (L1): complete processing is performed in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). This level refers to a hardware DRM.
  • Security Level 2 (L2): cryptography is performed within the TEE. The video processing is done through separate video hardware or software. This level still refers to a hardware DRM.
  • Security Level 3 (L3): no TEE is present on the device. Decryption is typically performed directly in the browser. This level refers to a software DRM.

Why Google Widevine is needed?

Companies including Amazon Prime Video, BBC, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, and Disney+ use Widevine DRM to manage the distribution of premium content and don’t allow some smartphones to stream movies or TV shows at resolutions higher than 480p. The reason for the lockout is that these services are protected by digital rights management (DRM), to prevent the copying and unauthorized redistribution of these video files.

To trust that Android smartphones and many other devices are secure from piracy, these popular streaming services make use of Google’s Widevine DRM platform.

As with many platform technologies, digital right management software is quite fragmented in the desktop, OTT, and mobile space. Keeping up with new devices, new platforms, and new circumvention methods, as well as varying end-of-user technologies, provides a challenge for content creators. The rapid spread of the new HTML5 video format is also complicating a single reliable DRM system to meet the copyright holder requirements.

Feature of Google Widevine

Seamless Support

Seamless support for encryption across every device.

Media Containers

Support for ubiquitous industry adopted media containers such as MP4 (ISO BMFF) or WebM.


Encryption is handled by end-user device hardware, not software, decreasing opportunities for rogue apps.

HTML5 Support

HTML5 support gives complete control over the viewing experience for things like adaptive playback and accessibility.

Supported ecosystem of Google Widevine

Platform Version
  • Windows 7.0 or later : Chrome, FireFox, Edge(Chromium-based)
  • MacOS 10.x : Chrome, Edge(Chromium-based)
  • Android 4.4 or later : Google-approved devices
  • iOS 9.0 or later : using Widevine iOS CDM
  • Android TV : OS 4.4 or later
  • Amazon Fire TV : OS 5.0 or later
  • Samsung Smart TV : Tizen OS 3.0 or later
  • ChromeCast

Supported formats of Google Widevine

Formats Protocols
Video MPEG-TS, fMP4, WebM container
Video Codec AVC(H.264), HEVC(H.265), VP8, VP9
Audio Codec AAC, AC3, Opus, Vorbis

Integration if you use Free Widevine service Directly from Google

“Nothing is free in this world”
need to understand what you get

Widevine Cloud Licensing Service is operated directly by Google, and it generates and delivers DRM licenses upon request from a license proxy server in a content service or DRM solution. Access to cloud licensing services is only allowed through organization-specific credentials.

The license proxy server handles user authentication and authorization for DRM license requests from client devices and delivers licenses issued from the Widevine cloud licensing service to clients.

Client devices include Android mobile, TV, set-top box, Chrome, and Firefox browser. To manufacture Widevine client devices, a separate contract with Widevine is needed to get the key box and CDM module and test the integration.

DIY Google Widevine

Widevine DRM Infographic

Why Choose PallyCon Widevine

Simple setup

CWIP ( Certified Widevine Integration partner)

Offline Support

In order to establish a license proxy server and provide Widevine licenses for content services, 3rd party solution providers must complete and qualify for Widevine’s Certified Widevine Implementation Partner (CWIP) program. PallyCon is an official Widevine partner with CWIP qualification.

PallyCon manages and provides a key exchange server, keeps updating the service as per Widevine updates.

Provides service in both API based and SDK based models.

L1 and L2 Technical support for integration

Pay as you go with Multi DRM service ( WV,FPS and PR in a single workflow)

Google Widevine Integration Flow (with PallyCon)

Google Widevine Integration Flow - PallyCon

Integration Document (with PallyCon)

PallyCon Multi DRM service provides integration APIs and SDKs to support various client environments such as PC, mobile, OTT, TV platforms.

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PallyCon Multi DRM service provides integrated DRM license management and client integration of PlayReady, Widevine, and FairPlay easily and quickly.

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DRM Whitepaper

5 Things You Need To Know About Multi-DRM Technology


News Section

Widevine DRM Logo

Widevine Quarterly Partner Update – Q3 2020

Welcome to another quarterly update from the Widevine team. Our aim is to improve transparency and facilitate discussions around improving ease of use, integration and deployment of Widevine.

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Widevine DRM FAQ’s

What is Widevine?

Widevine DRM is Google’s content protection system for premium media.

What is Widevine use for?

Widevine is used by major content services around the world, including Google Play, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney+ for protecting the premium content.

Which is the better Widevine Level? L1 or L3?

Widevine L3 certified devices can only stream up to 480P video while L1 certified can stream video in 720P to the higher resolution.

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