PallyCon Multi-DRM
License Service

PallyCon Multi-DRM License Service provides content key management and
license issuance for PlayReady, Widevine Modular, FairPlay Streaming
and NCG DRM.


PallyCon Multi-DRM License Service

Provides content key management and license issuance for PlayReady, Widevine Modular, FairPlay Streaming and NCG DRM.


Multi-DRM License Service Features

Cloud-based SaaS Service

PallyCon Multi-DRM License Service is a cloud service built on Amazon Web Service. You do not have to build a separate DRM server and you just pay the service you use.

Various integration API

Supports various customer environments by providing callback gateway method or DRM license issuing API using token.

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Easy and fast Multi-DRM integration

By integrating and simplifying complicated Multi-DRM building elements, it helps you easily and quickly integrate DRM into your content services.

Reliability and security

It provides more than 99.95% availability and high level of security to reliably support your content service.

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 Multi-DRM License Service Details

Integration Spec

through callback gateway or token

Ability to manage encryption key through PallyCon service

customer’s own key management through external key input method

DRM License Rules

Licensing for streaming or download / offline

Support for DTO(Download to Own) and DTR(Download to Rent) rules

Security related settings such as external display output, HDCP application, rooting / jailbreak

Scope of DRM Content License Support

Windows 7+, Android 4.0+, iOS 9.0+

IE11 or Edge browser on Windows 8.1+

Chrome or FireFox browser on Windows 7+, Mac OS 10.9+

Android 4.4+ / Android TV 4.4+

Safari browser on macOS 10.10+,iOS 9.0 / tvOS 10.0+

Smart TV, ChromeCast and other OTT devices

Supported DRM spec


Widevine Modular

FairPlay Streaming

NCG(Netsync Content Guard)

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How it Works

The following is a technical explanation of PallyCon Multi-DRM Solution.

PallyCon Multi-DRM License Service Workflow


To play an encrypted content, the Player APP must be developed by using the PallyCon SDK (Android/iOS/PC).

PallyCon SDK requests the licensing information that’s required for playback to the PallyCon Multi DRM server. PallyCon Multi DRM server then authenticates the Callback page that is registered internally for user verification and issues the license that corresponds to the DRM type of each device.

All policies for playback (device control, limited term usage, unlimited use, etc.) can be implemented and applied through the Callback page.


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