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Implementation Journey of Forensic Watermarking Solutions for Live Events


One of the leading OTT streaming companies faced a problem due to illegal re-streaming of live events. As a result, the customer base and revenue didn’t show substantial growth as expected. The company wanted to trace the pirates who were illegally re-streaming the content, they initially tried the visible watermark on their client application but it got bypassed and still they were clueless.



The OTT streaming platform sought a user-friendly, cost-effective solution with flexible pricing based on usage. Additionally, they aimed to identify and restrict unauthorized distribution channels. Unlike other options on the market that are either intricate to establish, financially burdensome, or require a prolonged commitment, our solution offers simplicity, affordability, and adaptability to usage needs, while effectively combating illegal distribution channels.



The OTT streaming enterprise engaged with PallyCon to address their challenges with the existing setup. PallyCon delivered a tailored solution seamlessly integrated into their current streaming pipeline, eliminating the need for third-party encoders. The solution leveraged the FFMPEG watermark video filter plugin, Shaka Packager, and employed CloudFront for efficient end distribution. This customized approach ensured a perfect fit for their requirements, optimizing the streaming process.


The OTT vendor seamlessly integrated the solution within a week, completing necessary testing before going live. Once live, re-streaming URLs were promptly identified and fed into PallyCon’s watermark detection tool, revealing the source and device details. Subsequently, sessions associated with unauthorized streaming were effectively blocked. The customer expressed high satisfaction with the solution, noting its affordability, which resulted in significant savings—cutting infrastructure costs by over 60%.