Content Packaging

Multi-DRM Packaging is a way that encrypts original files and
applies multi-DRM to protect contents. It supports multi-DRM packaging such as
PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay and NCG.

Content Packaging

Multi-DRM Packaging is a way that encrypts original files and applies multi-DRM to protect contents. It supports multi-DRM packaging such as PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay and NCG.


Multi DRM -Content Packaging Features

Various content packaging methods

PallyCon offers a variety of content packaging methods( PallyCon packager, CPIX API, 3rd party solution integration, and PallyCon Packaging service) and flexible options to meet customers demands.

Supports VOD and live contents

It can support both file-based on-demand content and real-time channel content packaging through PallyCon CLI packager or 3rd party solution(Elemental, Wowza, etc.).

SaaS packaging service

Using cloud-based packaging services, you can apply Multi-DRM and forensic watermarking to your content without building a separate system.

Easy & Fast AWS Elemental Integration

PallyCon KMS supports SPEKE (Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange) API, which issues the keys required for Multi-DRM packaging in AWS Elemental MediaConvert and MediaPackage.

Find out about a variety of contents packaging methods

such as PallyCon packager, AWS Elemental Media Service, Wowza Streaming Engine,
PallyCon packaging service and more for Multi-DRM.

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Content Packaging Methods

Packaging Service

With cloud-based content packaging services, multi-DRM and forensic watermarking can easily be applied to content. Watermark embedding and DRM packaging can be performed just by uploading original content without preparing any separate system.

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CPIX API & AWS Elemental integration

Encoder/transcoder solution supporting CPIX based key exchange can be easily linked with PallyCon multi-DRM. Also, PallyCon supports the content packaging integration using the SPEKE API provided by AWS Elemental Media Service.

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CLI Packager

PallyCon CLI Packager is a content package that supports Windows and Linux command line interface. It is used to build a packaging server by customers and can work with any encoding solution.

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Wowza, Harmonic integration

PallyCon can be easy to integrate with essential solution such as Wowza streaming engine and Harmonic encoder.

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Multi DRM – Content Packaging Process

In order to apply PallyCon Multi-DRM service, you must first perform packaging processes to encrypt your contents.
The below documents describe a variety of content packaging methods.

Content Packaging Process - PallyCon

Packaging types and output formats

CENC : DASH content output for PlayReady, Widevine DRM
AES-128 : HLS content output for FairPlay Streaming
NCG: NCG : Encrypted MP4 or HLS output for NCG(Netsync Content Guard, proprietary DRM) DRM

Encryption Key Managements

Managed by PallyCon cloud : Content encryption keys are generated and managed in the PallyCon cloud (default)
Managed by customer : Encryption key can be applied directly by customer using external key input method

Supported Environments

PallyCon CLI Packager : support 64bit windows, Linux(Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 6.6 or later)
PallyCon Wowza integration SDK : Wowza Streaming Engine 4.5 version or later
AWS Elemental Integration: AWS Elemental Media Services with SPEKE API or on-premises Elemental Server
CPIX API: Encoder / transcoder solution supported by CPIX standard specification (e.g. Anevia NEA-DVR)


What is DRM packaging?

DRM packaging refers to AES encryption along with the addition of usage rules such as offline playback, the maximum number of devices, number of simultaneous playbacks, number of concurrent playbacks, etc.

What are the different packaging methods?

Some of the content packaging methods are

  1. DRM packaging tools
  2. Integration of encoding/streaming solutions
  5. Using a cloud-based service

What is the advantage of CPIX in content packaging?

CPIX helps in reducing the complexity and duplication of adding encryption key exchange functions of various DRM companies as it defines a standard for interfacing encryption keys required to apply multi-DRM in the packaging of media content.

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