PallyCon Multi-DRM and Forensic Watermarking Guide



This site provides information and guides for development using PallyCon Multi-DRM and Forensic Watermarking service.

PallyCon service provides an integrated workflow for quickly and easily applying multi-DRM and forensic watermarking to the entire content workflow, from content encoding, delivery of encoded content through CDN, and playback on a client device.


Using the various guides on this site, you can integrate each component of the content workflow with PallyCon service.

Guide documents

If you are a first time user of PallyCon service, please try to understand various basic concepts and experience the service through Getting Started. In the next step, please refer to Multi-DRM Guide or Forensic Watermarking Guide as needed to apply the service.

Getting Started

Provides basic description and quick start guide for quick understanding and experience of PallyCon Multi-DRM and Forensic Watermarking service.

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PallyCon Multi-DRM

PallyCon Multi-DRM service provides multi-DRM licensing and client integration solutions such as PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay, and NCG DRM to protect multimedia content in various client environments.

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PallyCon Watermarking

Premium content such as Hollywood studio content requires forensic watermarking in addition to multi-DRM. This document describes how to apply the PallyCon watermarking cloud service and explains related APIs.

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Docs Update History

Date Detail
2020.09.18 Added release notes for multi-drm and watermarking products.
2020.09.16 Removed guides and samples about callback type DRM integration. Updated CLI packager to v3.6.3
2020.09.15 Updated Forensic Watermarking Session API guide. Updated Lambda@edge code to 2.1.0
2020.07.17 Added sample codes of Forensic Watermarking API request in Python and Java.
2020.07.14 Added a tutorial video for AWS Elemental MediaConvert integration. Added Shaka Player FPS integration code.
2020.07.03 Minor updates on Anti-Capture guide and license token tutorial
2020.06.26 Updated CPIX API guide and Watermarking Preprocessor library guide.
2020.06.23 Updated Watermarking Packaging API guide.
2020.06.15 Added PHP and ASP version license token samples.
2020.06.05 Added Session Manager API guide for Akamai CDN integration.
2020.06.04 Added Forensic Watermarking Integration Workflow guide.
2020.06.03 Added offline rental license specification.
2020.05.11 Updated the terms about watermarking. (preprocessing and embedding)
2020.04.29 Added download link of token proxy sample.
2020.04.28 Updated DRM license policy v2.0 and CLI Packager v3.6.0
2020.04.23 Updated Bitmovin player sample code and license error codes.
2020.02.26 Added guided for Bitmovin Encoding integration.
2020.02.06 Updated Wowza integration guide. Added FPS Cert registration tutorial.
2020.01.20 Added guides for Visible Watermark and Anti-Capture products
2019.12.11 Updated HTML5 player integration guide.
2019.10.18 Added Multi-DRM quick start guide.
2019.07.18 Added DRM license token tutorial.
2019.06.20 Added guide for watermark packaging APIs.
2019.06.14 Updated Watermark Session API guide.
2019.05.22 Added watermarking packaging service guide and CMAF supported environment.
2019.04.25 Updated watermarking service API URL and Lambda@Edge sample.
2019.04.23 Released PallyCon Packager v3.3.0 and updated its guide about CMAF.
2019.03.27 Updated specification for Forensic Watermarking service.
2019.03.25 Updated CPIX API guide about Flussonic Media Server integration.
2019.03.04 Updated API integration spec. for Bitmovin player.
2019.02.18 Fixed content of license token guide.
2019.01.22 Added CPIX API guide.
2018.12.26 Added license token generation sample. (Node.js version)
2018.11.30 Added tutorial videos for DRM client SDKs.
2018.11.16 Updated guides about watermark mixing and Session URL.
2018.11.13 Updated Quick Start guide based in goormIDE service. Added tech demo video for watermarking.
2018.11.08 Added CLI Packager guide and updated HTML5 player integration guide.
2018.10.30 Added ‘Concepts and Terms’ and Forensic Watermarking guide.
2018.09.06 Transferred to Hugo based service.
2018.07.26 Updated ExoPlayer to v2.8.2 in Widevine SDK
2018.06.20 Updated NCG iOS SDK guide for Swift support.
2018.05.29 Updated token license guide.
2018.05.10 Added Chromecast integration guide.
2018.03.09 Updated license server URL. Fixed typos in English guides.
2018.02.09 Added AWS Elemental KMS integration guide.
2018.02.01 Updated Quick Start Guide.
2017.11.21 Updated platform support list.
2017.06.30 Added Wowza integration guide.
2017.06.14 Added HTML5 player integration guide. Added new error codes.
2017.05.30 Added token type license API guide. Updated English translation.
2017.02.16 Transferred to GitBook service. Updated QuickStart samples.
2016.09.24 Added SDK Quick Start and updated other guides
2016.07.14 Added PC(HTML5) Player Guide
2015.05.21 Added PHP, ASP, JSP sample
2014.08.28 Quick Guide created