Delivery & Transcoding

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs and scale applications.


Supports video and audio with cloud services and customized software to build, deploy, and manage professional-quality live and on-demand streaming solutions.


AWS Elemental is a software company headquartered in Portland, Oregon and owned by Amazon Web Services that specializes in providing multiscreen video solutions.

Harmonic is the industry’s leading provider of encoding, stream processing and video networking solutions for superior-quality broadcast and multiscreen applications.

Doesn’t limit itself in the existing web-based service but also provides the service customized for smooth operation from various devices such as Smart TV, Smart Phone, Tablet PC, etc.

KT is a telecommunication company that engages in wire / wireless phone, broadband internet, data service business. The KT offer the ucloud CDN Standard service, which delivers content quickly and reliably to a large number of users without data loss.

LG Group is a telecommunications company with major businesses such as wireless communication, telephone, high speed internet. Provides a new delivery platform service that enables fast and reliable delivery of large volumes of content for business.

An IT service company which provides customers with the optimized business environment, on the basis of cloud computing technology and large scale IT infrastructure.

Anevia is a leading OTT and IPTV software provider of innovative multiscreen solutions for the delivery of live TV, streaming video, time-shifted TV and video on demand services.


WIDEVINE a Google Company

Widevine’s DRM solution provides the capability to license, securely distribute and protect playback of content on any consumer device. Widevine’s DRM solution combines the DASH, CENC, EME provide robust multiplatform content protection.


FairPlay Streaming

Secure the delivery of streaming media to devices through the HTTP Live Streaming protocol. FairPlay Streaming protect playback on iOS, tvOS, and Safari on macOS.

Microsoft PlayReady

Microsoft PlayReady is the Widest Deployed Content Protection Technology in the World. Microsoft provides security solutions to high volume platforms and mobile devices such as Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.


THEOplayer’s Universal Video Player capability built in HTML5 provides a single player across all major devices, platforms and browsers – both in browser and native environments without the need for plug-ins. Supports PallyCon Multi-DRM integration.


A global multimedia software expert, Nexstreaming’s NexPlayer HTML5 Player provides service that enables HLS and MPEG-DASH Live Streaming with the highest video quality across all platforms, browsers and devices.


A multimedia software expert, VisualOn provides high quality streaming, VOD, mobile TV and other multimedia applications with hardware-based solutions and comparable quality.


Technology Integration

Mindtree is a global information technology
consulting firm specializing in corporate IT services and solutions.


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