PallyCon Distributor Watermarking Features

  • Protects premium video content of creators, owners and post-production houses at every step by detecting source of any pre-release leaks.
  • PallyCon’s Distributor Watermarking protects pre-release assets of original content owners, broadcasters, post production houses and content aggregators .
  • To prevent any leak from insiders, studios and content owners can apply PallyCon’s Distributor Watermarking , allowing them to trace any leak back to the particular department or third party that was responsible for leaking the content.
  • Supports mezzanine file formats (like ProRes and XDCAM) and interfaced easily with third-party workflow management
PallyCon Mutli-DRM

PallyCon Distributor Watermarking Features

PallyCon Distributor Watermark can be applied to video length as short as 30 seconds . Makes it suitable to use for dailies, clips, trailers and distribution to few hundreds of audience

Secure content with Movie lab's compliant robust forensic watermarking

During the production and post production any pre-release workflow, the original content needs to be shared for content creation & reviewing. Using the PallyCon Distributor Watermarking at every distribution step, the content owners/production houses can secure their content by embedding uniquely identifying forensic watermark.

If any leak occurs during the distribution workflow, it will be easily tracked down, by identifying the source of leak . This will help in preventing any damage and revenue loss.

Being a stand-alone can be easily integrated with third-party workflow management

The time to detect is very short.

Supports delivery (MP4 , H.264) and mezzanine file formats (like ProRes and XDCAM)

PallyCon Distributor Watermarking Competitive Advantage

Robust Watermarking

Robust Watermarking for distributing your content

Distribution Source

Track distribution source of your leaked content

Supports RAW file formats

Supports mezzanine file formats like ProRes and XDCAM

Supports Delivery file formats

MP4(H.264, H.265, VP9, XDCAM)

Supports Per-Minute Pricing

Without long term commitment

Distributor Watermarking Feature

Robust watermarking to secure your premium content while distributing

Unique Distribution Channel Identification

Suitable for Pre-release content (30sec supported)

Both Visible and invisible watermark option

Robustness against multiple attacks like compression recording, collusion and Re-encoding

Supports Single Frame Detection

Cloud Agnostic & API Support for Simple Workflow

How it works


Use cases

Secure Premium content during Production & Screening:

Secure short clip content such as dailies during production distribution and full length content for screening to limited audiences.


Clips of dalies needs to be reviewed and audited by limited stake holders such as director, producer, actors and filming crew.

 The best secured way to share the clips is using DWM (Distributor WaterMarking) & DRM (Digital Rights Management) packaging.

 DWM & DRM ensures secured content delivery and also track down the source of content leakage

 Clips as short as 30sec enough and its fast detection capability makes it ideal

 As the clips are only for viewing purpose DWM + DRM can be applied

 The major advantages with DRM +DWM are :

1. content can be viewed on the go on any device, with the help of ABR (DASH and HLS)

2. This approach is Movie lab complaint

Use Case 1 final 1

Secure content during post-production & Pre-release workflow :

The content owners, studios and post-production houses as part of their workflow needs to share contents among different stakeholders for editing.

This workflow can be secured using the DWM

 As part of post-production, the content needs to be shared for editing for providing additional effects, such as Visual FX/Sound mix etc.

 The content shared among small groups needs to be secured with unique watermarking for identifying any leaks

 DWM supports Mezzanine files which are used for editing during the post-production process.

Use Case 2 final latest

Get Multi-DRM & Forensic Watermarking Services with ease


Distributor Watermarking FAQ’s

1.What is the difference between F.watermarking and Distributor watermarking?

Distributor watermarking helps the content distribution end to track each copy of the content getting syndicated to the platforms against the Forensic watermarking which is generally tracked at each user who is consuming the content.

2. Is Distributor watermarking visible or invisible?

Both. Invisible watermarking is applied as default and an additional visible watermark can be applied if the customer wants.

3. When to opt for Distributor watermarking?

When you have predefined partners who need a copy of your content for further distribution or internal review.