Multi DRM

PallyCon provides cloud-based Multi-DRM license service,
content packaging and SDK to help you quickly and easily apply content security.

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Multi DRM – Service Features

Cloud-based SaaS Built on AWS

Multi-DRM License Service is a cloud service built on Amazon Web Service. Also It is pre-integrated with AWS Elemental Media Services via SPEKE API.

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Pre-integrated with Forensic Watermarking

Easily apply the combined solution of Multi-DRM and Forensic Watermarking, which is essential for premium content protection.

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Supports Concurrent Stream Limiting (CSL)

CSL feature identifies simultaneous streams and limits them per user account deterring credential sharing.

How Concurrent Stream Limiting (CSL) works →
High Performance and Reliability through Multi-region Service

Built on a multi-region based global service architecture, PallyCon provides high performance and reliability for global content services.

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Easily Apply Your Web Services

Can apply high level of content security to your web-based content service and also be easily integrated with various HTML5 web players.

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Prevents DRM License Key Hijacking

This feature prevents Software Level DRM vulnerabilities using whitebox cryptography

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PallyCon Multi-DRM Case Study

Content Alliance Platform: POOQ


Multi DRM – How Multi DRM Works?

Multi DRM WorkFlow - PallyCon


Multi DRM – Service Details

PallyCon Multi-DRM service consists of packaging solutions that apply DRM to contents,
DRM license issuance service and client solutions for DRM contents playback.

License Service

Multi-DRM License Service provides content key management and license issuance for PlayReady, Widevine Modular, FairPlay Streaming and NCG DRM.


Multi-DRM Packaging is a way that encrypts original files and applies multi-DRM to protect contents. It supports multi-DRM packaging such as PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay and NCG.


Multi-DRM SDK makes it simple to apply DRM across most platforms like Windows PC, Android and iOS Applications.