5 Things You Need To Know About Multi-DRM Technology

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We are living in a world of online video streaming and OTT. As the growth of OTT video services, the need for content security is getting higher. One of the biggest concerns for paid content providers is that their content can be illegally leaked and the number of paid subscribers may decline or growth may slow.

To prevent unauthorized use and leakage of content, many online content services are applying a multi-DRM solution provided by professional DRM vendors. A multi-DRM solution basically has license management features for multiple DRMs such as PlayReady, Widevine and FairPlay to support major web browsers and mobile OS. In this whitepaper, we will examine each of the DRMs and related elements of multi-DRM technology.

The paper enlists some of the below points:

  • History
  • Components and How the Workflow
  • Features and Benefits
  • Use Cases
  • Supported Platforms and Content Formats

Download this whitepaper to Understand the components of multi-DRM such as three major DRM schemes, content packaging, and playback integration.