PallyCon Multi-DRM Guide

PallyCon Multi DRM service is a cloud-based SaaS (Solution as a Service) which consists of packaging solutions that apply DRM to contents, DRM license issuance service, and client solutions for DRM contents playback.

How it works

You can integrate your content service with PallyCon Multi-DRM service by referring to the following guide documents.

Getting Started

Provides basic description and quick start guide for quick understanding and experience of PallyCon Multi-DRM service.

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Content Packaging

In order to apply PallyCon Multi-DRM service, you must first perform packaging processes to encrypt your contents. This document describes a variety of content packaging methods, including PallyCon CLI Packager and other 3rd party solutions.

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License Issuance Integration

To play the packaged content on a client device, you must acquire a DRM license from that device. This document describes how to issue DRM licenses, such as callback and token methods.

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Client Integration

PallyCon Multi DRM service provides integration APIs and SDKs to support various client environments such as PC, mobile, OTT platform. This document explains how to use the APIs and SDKs for each client type.

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Release Notes

This document shows release notes for PallyCon Multi-DRM products.

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