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Introducing New Price models

Introducing new price models of PallyCon Multi DRM and Forensic Watermarking

PallyCon is a cloud-based multi-DRM and forensic watermarking service that securely protects online multimedia contents from numerous domestic and foreign customers.

It supports multi-region-based global service to handle hundreds of thousands of license requests and sudden traffic increase every day, and it responds to the industry with an easy and fast solution that utilizes the advantages of cloud SaaS and a price model that pays as you use it. 

As a result of striving to provide more value from the customer’s point of view, we are pleased to announce the pricing model of PallyCon, which will be introduced on April 2020.

Key Changes

  • The price will be based on the Monthly Active User (MAU) model which counts the number of end users, instead of the Monthly Active License (MAL) model that is based on the number of DRM licenses issued.
  • The price of the proposed DRM client SDK is disclosed, so you can select it directly without any further inquiry.
  • The prices of PallyCon Visible Watermarking are available.
  • The basic price of the forensic watermarking service, which was previously proposed as a separate inquiry, is disclosed, and a simple and intuitive pricing model is applied.


Why are we making these changes?

As mentioned in the previous blog post, the number of DRM licenses issued is not 100% consistent with the number of times a user plays content.

This license number (MAL) -based pricing model makes it difficult for customers to predict the cost of a DRM solution in advance, and the DRM costs will increase significantly in the event of temporary high volume traffic.

To address these challenges, PallyCon decided to move to a more measurable, easy-to-understand user-based pricing model.

What does this mean for current users and new customers?

When the new pricing model is applied from March 16th 2020, MAU based pricing will apply to all new customers signing up after that time.

Customers who already have PallyCon services can choose to switch to the new price after comparing with the existing pricing model.

How to make a transition to the new plan

If you are an existing customer and would like to switch to the new pricing model, please contact us first.

In the future, you will be able to apply for plan changes directly from the PallyCon console site.

Providing customer-oriented value

Our team is always striving to provide better value for our customers.

We hope that the new pricing model, which has not been tried by any existing content security service, will bring us closer to our core goal of contributing to society through improved technologies and services.

If you have any question about the pricing change, please contact us.