PallyCon Visible Watermarking

PallyCon Visible Watermarking suppresses illegal leaks by displaying end-user
information in the video being played, and allows you to track users when a leak occurs.

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PallyCon Visible Watermarking

End-user information is displayed on the video being played to help prevent illegal leaks and to track the user in the event of a leak. 

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What is Visible Watermarking?

PallyCon Visible Watermarking is a watermark solution for HTML5 players to identify the user when video content is leaked illegally.

It displays end-user information in the form of an overlay on the video being played. To minimize user inconvenience, transparency and display frequency can be adjusted.

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PallyCon Visible Watermarking Features

Track Content Leakages

In case of illegal content leakage, the user information can be tracked to prevent further damage.

Customizable Options

Various customization options are available, including watermark position (fixed or random), size, and display types.

Easy to Apply

Samples based on the Video JS player can be easily applied to service web pages.

Strong Security

Anti-debugging and obfuscation to prevent watermark removal using browser developer tools.

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