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Wowza media systems logo : Tech Alliance partner Program
INKA Entworks, a leading provider of DRM (digital rights management) products and services, recently joined the Wowza® Media Systems (“Wowza”) Technical Alliance partner program. Original post : Streaming Media
Digital Rights Management (DRM) Protection For E-Books, Mobiles And Other Content Digital Rights Management is an approach which is systematic and is used for the protection of copyright in connection to the digital media. This is also referred as DRM. This is a big help in preventing redistribution of digital media which is unauthorized and also can control the ways in which consumers are able to copy the content which they have purchased. The increase
For every e-content publisher, worries related to piracy and unauthorized sharing of the digital content is quite usual. With the gradual flourishing of digital content publication in any form, be it E-books, videos, or music, there are also multiple security threats faced by the third party users. The ideas of piracy and digital communication are antithetical, and in order to make the digital contents and the management of license secure, DRM technology had evolved.   The
PallyCon Use case - Club Samsung
Club Samsung 2.0 launched service with INKA’s Content protection. currently available on 33 devices model and will be extended to all models also exiting users can download from play store. INKA will assure content protection of Music, Movies, E-books.   Original Post : Streaming Media