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Unleashing the Power of Cross-Platform Video Streaming with PallyCon Multi-DRM Client SDKs for Flutter and React Native

PallyCon, a leading provider of content protection and multi-DRM solutions, announces the release of their Multi-DRM Client SDKs for Flutter and React Native.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2023/ — These software development kits are engineered to empower cross-platform app development by seamlessly integrating DRM-protected video content into apps, while ensuring enhanced security and anti-piracy measures.

In today’s digital landscape, reaching a wider audience through cross-platform apps is crucial for OTT service providers. However, incorporating DRM-protected video content into these apps has been a challenge, threatening content security and revenue streams. PallyCon’s Multi-DRM Client SDKs for Flutter and React Native provide a comprehensive solution to overcome these hurdles.

Key Features of PallyCon Multi-DRM Client SDKs:

1- Easy Integration: The SDKs offer a user-friendly solution that simplifies the integration of DRM-protected content into cross-platform apps. OTT service providers can now focus on building exceptional apps, leaving the complexities of DRM integration to PallyCon.

2- Seamless Streaming and Downloading: PallyCon’s SDKs support both streaming and downloading of DRM-protected content, ensuring a smooth user experience across a wide range of Android and iOS devices.

3- Wide Compatibility: The SDKs are compatible with major platforms such as Flutter and React Native, making it accessible to a larger developer community. This compatibility enables developers to create feature-rich apps with robust content protection mechanisms.

By leveraging PallyCon Multi-DRM Client SDKs, OTT service providers can protect their valuable content from piracy and safeguard their revenue streams. With PallyCon handling the intricacies of DRM integration, developers can focus on delivering exceptional user experiences and expanding their reach in the competitive OTT market.

“We are excited to introduce our Multi-DRM Client SDKs for Flutter and React Native,” said Govindraj Basatwar, MD APAC at INKA Entworks. “With these SDKs, we aim to empower OTT service providers to create secure, cross-platform apps without the complexities of DRM integration. Our goal is to help them protect their content, monetize effectively, and delight their users.”

About PallyCon:

PallyCon is a premium content protection service from INKA Entworks Inc. Trusted by 200+ customers globally, providing 360-degree, cloud-based end-to-end content security for OTT platforms, such as Multi DRM, Forensic Watermarking,  Distributor Watermarking, Anti Piracy services, Transcoding and packaging service and App Security with Quick and Simple integration. It is a ONE-IN-ALL solution for OTT owners.


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