Multi-DRM Cross-platform Client Integration Guide


Cross-platform framework is an app development method that can support various client environments such as web, Android, and iOS with a single development language and framework.

The final result of a cross-platform app is converted into native code for each environment, so it has a performance advantage over a hybrid app that is based on a webview control. Among the various cross-platform frameworks, Flutter developed by Google and React Native from Facebook are the most popular as of now.

This document guides how to support DRM content playback easily and quickly when you develop a client app using Flutter or React Native.

Cross-platform Integration Samples

For easy and fast PallyCon multi-DRM integration for Flutter and React Native environment, we provide the integration samples as below.

The cross-platform integration samples linked below only support streaming playback of DRM content. If you need download/offline support, you need to implement the function yourself or use our Cross-Platform Client SDK product which is under development. Alternatively, you can also use cross-platform SDKs from commercial player solutions that support download functionality.

Flutter Sample

PallyCon Multi-DRM Flutter Integration Sample is based on Better Player open-source project. Please refer to the source and guide from the below link for more details.

PallyCon Multi-DRM Flutter Sample

React Native Sample

PallyCon Multi-DRM React Native Integration Sample is based on react-native-video open-source project. Please refer to the source and guide from the below link for more details.

PallyCon Multi-DRM React Native Sample

Cross-platform Client SDK

If you need support for downloading and offline playback of DRM content in a client app developed with a cross-platform framework, you can use the PallyCon Multi-DRM Flutter SDK or PallyCon Multi-DRM React Native SDK, which will be released in the future. Information on these SDKs will be added after product release.

In order to use the above SDK products, you need to sign up for either the Standard Plus Plan or the Enterprise Plan of the PallyCon multi-DRM service. For Standard Plan customers who do not have permission to use the SDK, please use the integration sample or use a third-party commercial player product as described below.

3rd Party Commercial Player SDK

Commercial player solutions such as Bitmovin and THEOplayer have also recently released SDKs for React Native, providing cross-platform support. Customers who want to develop React Native apps using one of those solutions, please refer to the link below.