Content Packaging

In order to apply PallyCon Multi-DRM service, you must first perform packaging processes to encrypt your contents. The below documents describe a variety of content packaging methods, including PallyCon Packager, AWS Elemental Media Services, Wowza Streaming Engine, and Dolby Hybrik.

graph LR;
    subgraph Content Service Site
    A[Source Content] --> B(Encoder)
    B -->|Encoded Content| C(PallyCon Packager<br>or<br>3rd-party transcoder)
    C -->|Encrypted<br>DASH/HLS Stream| D(CDN<br>Storage)
    subgraph PallyCon Service
    C -->|Packaging<br>Info| E(Key Management<br>Server)
    E -->|Encryption Key| C

DRM Packaging through T&P Service

Transcoding and DRM packaging can be performed through PallyCon Transcoding & Packaging service.

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DRM CLI Packager Guide

PallyCon DRM CLI Packager is a content packager which supports command line interface of Windows and Linux. This document explains how to use the PallyCon CLI Packager.

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Describes how to use CPIX API that can easily integrate PallyCon Multi-DRM with encoder / transcoder solutions that support CPIX-based key exchange.

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AWS Elemental Integration

PallyCon service supports the content packaging integration using the SPEKE API provided by AWS Elemental Media Service. This document explains how to use the API to work with AWS Elemental Media Services.

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Wowza Integration Guide

PallyCon Wowza SDK is a plugin module of Wowza Streaming Engine that supports streaming service with DASH (CENC) and HLS (FPS or NCG) content by packaging original MP4 video or live stream in real time. This document explains how to use the Wowza plug-in provided by the SDK.

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Bitmovin Encoder Integration Guide

When using Bitmovin encoding service, multi DRM packaging is possible through CPIX or SPEKE API integration with PallyCon KMS(Key Management Server). This document explains how to create DASH/HLS content with multi-DRM using examples written based on the Bitmovin Java SDK.

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Dolby Hybrik Integration

This document describes how to integrate DRM encryption packaging in Dolby Hybrik encoder using PallyCon CPIX API.

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GCP Live Stream API Integration

This document describes how to integrate PallyCon Multi-DRM service in live content packaging workflow using GCP Live Stream API.

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