Use Cases

Use Cases

Online Movie Service


PallyCon is currently offering DRM solutions for Naver NStore’s movie services. Users can freely view the movies purchased through NStore on PC and Smartphones(iOS, Android), and supports both streaming and download features. Having been recognized by Hollywood’s studios for the superb DRM technology for their HD quality film contents, PallyCon OTT has received technical certification.


PallyCon is currently offering Multi DRM solutions for pooq movie services. Provides streaming services to enjoy for user among the various platforms like a mobile settings(iOS, Android) and PC settings as well.

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PallyCon is currently offering Multi DRM solutions for BIGFlix, which is India’s first and biggest online multi-screen movie service. They offer convenience to the users by providing both streaming and download options in mobile(iOS, Android) settings. Additional support for PC settings using multi-DRM is currently underway.

EDU(e-learning) Service


For seamless playback of services like EBS Middle School Premium, EBS TV Middle School, and EBS Jobs, the PallyCon Exclusive Player is EBS’s choice. With stable servicing and various features for the students’ convenience, PallyCon Exclusive Player has been recognized for achieving customer satisfaction.


Through PallyCon Exclusive Player, the leading secondary education institution Etoos has recently launched and is servicing a stable mobile service that features the best HD quality varied-speed playback.


Siwon School, the experts in foreign language education for adults, has recently restructured their mobile solution to PallyCon. Siwon School currently offers high quality education services through Siwon School’s exclusive study application.