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PallyCon Multi-DRM SaaS is now available from Softvelum’s Nimble Streamer Stable

Nimble Streamer is the go-to option for companies looking to set up live streaming servers. PallyCon allows its users to stem revenue loss caused by piracy.

PallyCon, the global leader in multi-DRM SaaS, has partnered with Softvelum for its industry-leading media server Nimble Streamer to offer one-stop DRM service to the latter’s clients. With this partnership, Nimble Streamer has firmed up its security workflow for live-streaming and other media options to a large number of its clients in around 100 countries. PallyCon brings the easy option of integrating global DRM licenses form Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay to Nimble Streamer users.

Media companies from around the world prefer to live-stream their content through Softvelum’s Nimble Streamer due to, among other features, the vast number of input protocols it processes. It integrates input protocols like RTMP and RTMPS, RTSP, SRT, NDI, RIST, MPEG-TS, HLS and Icecast and re-packages the content through transmuxing on the fly. Now, its users can use multi-DRM features on their content without worrying about the input protocol due to its alliance with PallyCon.

Underlining the importance of the partnership, Yury Udovichenko, CEO of Softvelum, said, “We provide highly efficient solutions for the live-streaming domain. Our clients are top global broadcasters and emerging players which want to protect their revenue from leakage to piracy and illegal usage and downloading of their content. We have strengthened our existing security offerings by bringing PallyCon on board. Its multi-DRM SaaS has a great reputation among broadcasters and video producers. We hope to benefit from the PallyCon trust quotient.”

PallyCon’s cloud-based multi-DRM SaaS and forensic watermarking offerings have won clients in the over-the-top content streaming industry. Hollywood studios, which spend millions of dollars producing and acquiring entertainment content, stem revenue leakage to piracy and manage user rights using PallyCon products.

Govindraj Basatwar, Global Head- Biz development of INKA ENTWORKS, is upbeat about the alliance with Softvelum. He says, “Nimble Streamer is a great product for live-streaming. Its users now have the PallyCon advantage in managing DRM licenses and user rights. We obviate the user’s need to negotiate with different license servers separately to cater to different OS and browsers. The multi-DRM approach simplifies the content producer’s life and protects their revenue. Now, the PallyCon ease of use and protection is available to Nimble Streamer users from within its native interface.”

Nimble Streamer Advertizer add-on makes content producers capitalize on the great demand for live content. It becomes crucial to stop illegal access to this content for this model to work and benefit content producers. The multi-DRM management offered by PallyCon achieves this target with minimum efforts.


INKA ENTWORKS, the owner of the PallyCon brand, is an industry-leading security-technology company, enabling best-quality content protection for content service providers, including global handset makers, telecoms, and content stores. Founded in 2000, it has been a pioneer in the field of digital rights management and forensic-watermarking services. Its in-app protection solution under the brand name AppSealing has set industry standards in protecting mobile apps.