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INKA Announces Multi-DRM and Forensic Watermarking Integration for Dolby Hybrik

The integration allows the dual-security technology to be applied during media processing.

LOS ANGELES, USA, February 4, 2022 / — Inka Entworks, a leading provider of watermarking services, has integrated its PallyCon multi-DRM and forensic watermarking into Dolby’s Hybrik cloud transcoding service. PallyCon’s watermarking solutions help video content owners and OTT platforms manage their premium content in a secure way.

Dolby Hybrik allows content owners to optimize their content for delivery to any device. Hybrik customers can manage thousands of cloud-based machines to rapidly create outputs in any format, including in ground-breaking Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Hybrik is used by many of the largest content distributors in the world. PallyCon is a market leader in offering multi-DRM and forensic watermarking services on the cloud. Its clients include Hollywood studios, sports broadcasters, and premium content producers in different markets, which rely on PallyCon for availing world-class security and user management technology.

James Ahn, Founder, CEO of INKA ENTWORKS Inc, says, “Both PallyCon and Dolby Hybrik support media processing in the cloud, like Amazon AWS and other major providers. PallyCon uses cutting-edge technology to protect video content against piracy attempts while they are being streamed by embedding forensic watermarks. At the same time, its multi-DRM SaaS allows content producers to leverage Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay DRM licensing regimes, which offers comprehensive device and browser coverage across operating systems. Now, Dolby Hybrk users can avail the PallyCon advantage from inside the Hybrik workflow while their content stays in popular cloud platforms.”

David Trescot, Sr. Director, Dolby Laboratories, says, “The security of premium video content is at the top of every content owner’s mind. By integrating PallyCon into Hybrik, Inka can support our clients with world-class watermarking and content protection.”

PallyCon is a part of the content-security company INKA Entworks and a global leader in providing end-to-end content security for OTT platforms and major content producers across territories. Its service protocols follow industry standards and technical specifications issued by major players and industry consortia. It offers cloud-based multi-DRM license service, content packaging, SDK, and forensic watermark embedding to help content producers quickly and easily apply content security to its video assets.

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PallyCon is a premium content protection service by INKA ENTWORKS trusted by 200+ customers globally, providing 360-degree, cloud-based end-to-end content security for OTT platforms, such as Multi DRM, Forensic Watermarking, Visible Watermarking, Distributor Watermarking, Anti-Piracy services, App Security with Quick and Simple integration. It is a ONE-IN-ALL solution for OTT owners.