Packager and Sample Downloads

You can download PallyCon DRM CLI Packager and PallyCon integration sample from the below links, to integrate PallyCon service with your service site.

PallyCon DRM CLI Packager

  • PallyCon DRM CLI Packager is a Command Line Interface (CLI) based tool that packages original content into encrypted streaming content with Multi-DRM.
  • Please refer to the guide for details of DRM CLI Packager.
Download PallyCon DRM CLI Packager

Wowza Integration SDK

  • PallyCon Wowza Integration SDK is an extension module of Wowza Streaming Engine that supports real-time packaging of VOD or live stream.
  • Please refer to the guide for details of PallyCon Wowza SDK.
Download PallyCon Wowza Integration SDK

HTML5 player integration samples

We share DRM integration sample code for various HTML5 players through Github service. Demo content and integration data are included in the sample code, so you can check the playback of DRM content without any modification other than the license key of the commercial player.

Go to the sample repository

Multi-DRM token integration sample

  • This sample contains source codes which generates license token data for token-type license integration.
  • Please refer to the license token guide for detailed specification of token-type license integration.
Java version token sample Python version token sample PHP version token sample Classic ASP version token sample

Token Proxy integration sample

  • If you want to process the token-type license integration through a proxy server running on your backend, you can implement it by referring to the token proxy sample code below.
Java version token proxy sample PHP version proxy sample

CPIX API integration sample

  • This is a CPIX API client sample for integration between a third-party content packaging solution and PallyCon key server.
Java version CPIX module sample