License Error Code

Error Code

Error Code Error Message
1002 Trial plan’s license limit or user limit exceeded.
1003 Cannot find the Site ID.
1004 The Site ID’s service is stopped.
1005 Trial plan period ended.
1006 Failed to decrypt SITE KEY.
2001 DB connection failed.
2701 Failed to write license issuance record on DB.
2702 Failed to write unsuccessful license record on DB.
7001 Cannot find package info.
7002 Failed to create data for Content Usage Info URL.
7006 Failed to decrypt KEY on license request.
7007 Failed to parse pallycon-customdata.
7008 Failed to decrypt pallycon-customdata.
7009 Failed to parse token.
7010 Cannot find token data.
7011 Token is expired.
7012 Does not match with token’s CID.
7013 Invalid JSON data in token.
7016 Invalid token.
7017 Failed to save token use history.
7018 Invalid DRM type in token.
7019 The hash values do not match.
7101 Failed to create Widevine license request data.
7102 Failed to create Widevine license.
7103 Failed to communicate with Widevine license server.
7104 This Site ID does not have Widevine service.
7105 Cannot find Widevine Device ID.
7106 Failed to get Widevine service cert.
7107 Invalid Widevine license challenge data.
7110 DRM device certificate revoked from Widevine DRM Proxy (Widevine Proxy internal_status : 127)
7111 Widevine proxy response parsing fail
7112 Widevine proxy response : invalid widevine pssh data (Widevine Proxy internal_status : 152)
7201 Failed to create PlayReady license.
7202 Failed to communicate with PlayReady license server.
7203 Failed to create request data for PlayReady license.
7204 Failed to read request data for PlayReady license.
7205 Failed to parse PlayReady request data.
7206 No PlayReady Customdata in request.
7300 Failed to decrypt FairPlay Streaming service cert.
7301 This Site ID does not have FairPlay Streaming service.
7302 Cannot find private key for FairPlay Streaming.
7303 Invalid FairPlay Streaming key for the Site ID.
7304 Failed to create FairPlay Streaming license.
7305 FairPlay Streaming SPC value is Null.
7306 FairPlay Streaming Device ID is Null.
7308 FairPlay assetId is invalid.
8002 Custom Error. Contains error code and message returned from callback page for user authentication. (JSON format) {“ERROR”:“custom error code”, “MESSAGE”:“custom error message”}
8004 Invalid nonce value.
8006 Invalid XML data from callback page.
8701 Failed to access Content Usage Info URL.
8705 Invalid URL for Content Usage Info.
8706 Failed to decrypt data from Content Usage Info URL.
8707 Invalid start or end datetime for playback period.
8708 Invalid datetime format for playback period.
8709 Start of playback period should be earlier than end of the period.
8710 Start of playback period has not come yet.
8711 Playback period is over.
8712 Invalid HDCP setting.
8715 Invalid CGMS-A setting.
8716 Invalid APS setting.
9001 Missing request parameter.
9999 Unsupported mode.