License Error Code

This document provides error codes and messages related to DRM license integration.

These are basic error codes related to multi-DRM service.

Error code
Error message
1002 The license limit or user limit of the trial plan has been exceeded.
1003 Unregistered Site ID.
1004 The Site ID’s service is stopped.
1005 The trial plan period has ended.
1007 You do not have permission to use the client SDK.
1906 Site key decryption failed.
1919, 1920 The subscribed DRM service has stopped. Please check the settings page of the PallyCon Console.
1921 This site is not subscribed to a key rotation plan.
1922 Failed to decrypt License Cipher data.
2001 Failed to connect to DB.
9000 An undefined error has occurred. (Unknown error)
9001 The request parameter does not exist.
9999 This mode is not supported.
10001 Failed to get trial limit count information.
10002 Failed to save trial limit count information.

These are the error codes related to Concurrent Stream Limiting (CSL) feature that can prevent excessive account sharing.

Error Code
Error Message
2101 License session count processing failed.
2102 The number of sessions allowed per user has been exceeded.
2103 License session update failed.
2104 License session creation failed.
2105 License renewal update failed.

License issuance error

These are the error codes that may occur during the license issuance process.

Error Code
Error Message
2701 Storing license issuance history in DB failed.
2702 Failed to save the license issuance failure history.
2703 Failed to save certificate information.
2704 Update server certificate information failed.
2705 Failed to update server certificate serial value.
7000 Site key decryption failed.
7001 The packaging information could not be found.
7002 Failed to generate data to be passed to the content usage information URL.
7003 The signature verification operation failed.
7004 The server certificate does not exist.
7005 The license issuance through issueLicenseFromXML failed.
7006 The license manager’s CEK AES operation failed.
7007 Custom header parsing failed.
7008 The custom data parsing failed.
7009 Token parsing failed.
7010 The token information could not be found.
7011 The token validity period has expired.
7012 Invalid token CID value.
7013 The Json format of the token is invalid.
7014 The popup URL information could not be found.
7015 Failed to parse custom request.
7016 This token cannot be used.
7017 Storing token usage count failed.
7018 The DRM type of the token is incorrect.
7019 The hash values ​​of the request data do not match.
7020 Information required to generate the hash value is missing.
7022 You cannot set the renewal cycle value to unlimited.
7062 Generation of request data for license policy failed.
7063 Cannot find track information to allow playback.
7064 The track type name was entered incorrectly.
7065 Failed to check DRM’s policy duration limit.

NCG DRM error

These are the error codes related to NCG (Netsync Content Guard) DRM.

Error Code
Error Message
1006 SITE KEY decryption failed.
7021 The DRM type value is not set to NCG.

Widevine error

Error codes related to Google Widevine DRM

Error code
Error message
7101 Creation of Widevine license request data failed.
7102 Creation of Widevine license failed.
7103 Communication with the Widevine license issuing server failed.
7105 Could not find Widevine Device ID.
7106 Failed to get Widevine service certificate.
7107 Invalid Widevine challenge data.
7108 Processing of the output stream failed.
7109 Failed to process Widevine server certificate.
7110 The license issuance was rejected because Widevine authentication for the device was revoked. (internal_status : 127)
For Android devices, if you want to continue supporting these devices for user convenience, you can issue a license by setting override_device_revocation in Widevine Security Policy to true. (default false)
7111 Parsing of Widevine proxy response failed.
7112 Widevine Proxy Response: Invalid pssh data (internal_status : 152)
7113 Failed to obtain Widevine server certificate file.
7114 An invalid Widevine certificate was used.
7115 This device has been permanently withdrawn from Widevine support. (internal_status: 175)
7116 The license issuance was rejected for the old version of Widevine CDM that was altered by hacking.
7117 Failed to receive device model information from Widevine cloud server.
7118 Failed to receive PSSH information from Widevine cloud server.
7120 The security level is incorrect.
7121 Failed to Create Widevine Server SDK Session for Unexpected Error.
7122 ChallengeData is invalid.
7123 Failed to destroy Widevine Server SDK Session.
7124 Failed to get index value of Key Rotation.
7125 Failed to make Widevine Content Key Spec.
7126 Failed to set Widevine Server SDK Session Options.
7127 Failed to generate Renewal Widevine License.
7128 Failed to decode Widevine License.
7129 Failed to Decrypt Challenge Data. Please Check the Certificate.
7130 Failed to Decrypt Keybox. Please Check the Certificate.
7131 The key of the token and the challenge data does not match.
7132 Failed to get keys of token and challenge data.
7133 Device information does not exist in DCSL.
7134 Failed to verify the signed message signature for renewal request with oemcrypto core message
7135 Failed to decrypt ChallengeData By License Cipher.
7136 License Cipher Request is Invalid. Check License Cipher Flags.
7137 License Cipher Info does not exist.

PlayReady error

Error codes related to Microsoft PlayReady DRM

Error Code
Error Message
7201 PlayReady license creation failed.
7202 Communication with the PlayReady license issuance server failed.
7203 Generation of PlayReady license request data failed.
7204 Failed to read PlayReady license request data.
7205 Failed to parse PlayReady request data.
7206 PlayReady Customdata does not exist.
7207 You have requested a PlayReady license in your Chrome browser. Please check the DRM license linkage information.
7208 A PlayReady license was requested on Chromium Edge, but there is an error in the request data.
7209 A PlayReady license was requested from a Widevine-enabled device. Please check the DRM license linkage information.
7210 Unlimited licenses is unsupported by Playready.
7211 Failed to parse XML from Playready server.
7212 Failed to get Response from Playready server.

FairPlay error

Error codes related to Apple FairPlay Streaming DRM

Error Code
Error Message
7300 Failed to decrypt FairPlay Streaming service certificate.
7301 Site ID that has not applied for FairPlay Streaming service.
7302 The FairPlay Streaming public key for this site ID could not be found.
7303 The site ID’s FairPlay Streaming key information is incorrect.
7304 FairPlay Streaming license creation failed.
7305 The FairPlay Streaming SPC value is null.
7306 The FairPlay Streaming Device ID value is null.
7307 RSA Key or Password is invalid.
7308 Invalid FairPlay Asset ID.
7309 AirPlay is not allowed.
7310 Av Adaptor is not allowed.
7311 Content key or iv is invalid.
7313 You can do it with expire date or duration.
7314 Offline not supported.
7315 Failed to obtain FairPlay server certificate file.
7316 RSA decryption of FairPlay Spc failed.
7317 The FairPlay Spc data is invalid.
7318 Fairplay’s spc is an abnormal value. Please check again.
7319 The SPC was made incorrectly.

Callback gateway error

These are the error codes related to the customer’s gateway server for callback-based DRM license integration. These error codes are legacy errors that are only applicable to customers who use the callback type integration.

Error code
Error message
8002 Custom error about user authentication returned through the callback page. Display in JSON format {“ERROR”:“custom error code”, “MESSAGE”:“custom error message”}
8004 Invalid nonce value.
8006 The XML value passed to the callback is invalid.
8701 Access to the content usage information URL failed.
8705 The content usage information URL is not a valid URL.
8706 Decryption of the data received from the content usage information URL failed.

Token policy error

These are the error codes related to the policy set in the license token.

Error Code
Error Message
8707 The start time or end time of the playback period information was not entered correctly.
8708 The format of the playback period information was entered incorrectly.
8709 The start time of the replay period information is set later than the end time.
8710 The playback period has not yet expired.
8711 The playback period has ended.