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PallyCon Anti Piracy service offers global monitoring for illegal content leakage, takedown notice, and tracking of leakers through forensic watermarking integration.

PallyCon Distributor Watermarking is a watermarking solution to track the illegally leaked content when a video content is distributed through multiple channels.

PallyCon Visible Watermarking is a watermark solution for HTML5 players to identify the user when video content is leaked illegally.

Anti Piracy Service Guide

This document explains how to register content metadata for monitoring and how to review the results on PallyCon Console.

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Distributor Watermarking Guide

This document explains how use PallyCon Distributor Watermarking product.

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Visible Watermarking Guide

This document explains how to apply Visible Watermarking solution to HTML5 player.

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Release Notes

This document shows release notes for other products.

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