PallyCon Anti Piracy Service Guide


PallyCon Anti Piracy service offers global monitoring for illegal content leakage, takedown notice, and tracking of leakers through forensic watermarking integration.

This document describes how to register content to be monitored, view monitoring results, and request takedown through PallyCon Console site.

Anti Piracy Workflow

The diagram below is the workflow when using PallyCon Forensic Watermarking and Anti Piracy service at the same time.

PallyCon Anti Piracy Workflow
PallyCon Anti Piracy Workflow
  1. Register the metadata (title, type, etc.) of the content to be monitored in the Anti Piracy service. You can make a reservation in advance by setting the release date.
  2. Apply FWM pre-processing and embedding (watermark insertion) process to the original video and serve it to the end user.
  3. After monitoring for illegal leaks is started, you can check the collected results (links to illegal sites) and request takedown automatically or manually.
  4. In the case of content with forensic watermarking applied, you can request watermark detection by selecting a specific illegal link.
  5. For leaked copies that have been requested to detect watermark, PallyCon Anti Piracy service downloads the video from the link and perform watermark detection.
  6. When the detection operation is completed, the result (detected watermark information or detection failure) can be checked on the PallyCon Console.

If PallyCon Forensic Watermarking is not applied to the content, only the takedown request function is available for the monitoring results.

Registration and inquiry of monitoring jobs

You can register a new monitoring job or inquire about an existing job by selecting the Monitoring Job item from the Anti-Piracy menu of the PallyCon Console.

Monitoring Jobs Screen
Monitoring Jobs Screen

Monitoring Job Registration

Click the Register button at the top of the list to move to the Anti-Piracy Registration screen. On this screen, you can directly enter the metadata of the content to be monitored or upload a list file in CSV format to register.

The following entries are required for monitoring job registration.

Item input Description
Content Type Film or Season Select Film for content that is completed in one part, such as a movie, and Season for content that consists of multiple parts, such as a TV program.
Title Name String Enter a title for the content. This string is used to monitor illegal leaks through web crawling.
Season Number For Season type content, enter the corresponding season number. (Example: Enter 1 for the first season)
Episode Number Enter the number of episodes for the season. (Example: Enter 10 for a 10-episode season)
Release Date Date in yyyy-MM-dd format Enter the date the content is released on your service. Monitoring starts from the entered date.
Monitoring Type Standard or Premium The Standard type performs automated monitoring of torrents, cyberlockers, illegal streaming sites, and other various websites. In the case of Premium type, social site monitoring by dedicated personnel is provided in addition to Standard monitoring.
Detection Type Manual or Automatic(not currently supported) When monitoring content with PallyCon Forensic Watermarking, watermark detection requests can be processed manually or automatically when illegal leaks are found. Only Manual type is supported currently.
Takedown Type Manual or Automatic You can request takedown manually or automatically for illegally leaked links found through monitoring. It is difficult to secure a leaked copy required for watermark detection for content with automatic takedown set, so please set the takedown type to Manual for watermarked content.

When registering content directly through the input form, you can add as many items as you want by clicking the + button at the bottom of the list.

Anti Piracy service fees are billed monthly based on the number of content being monitored. Please note that for content that started monitoring after the release date, you will be charged for a full month even if you stop it before it.
Also, be sure to check the contracted rates as there are different charges depending on the type of standard and premium monitoring.

Bulk registration via list file upload

If there are a lot of contents to register, you can upload a list file created in CSV or Excel (.xslx) format for bulk registration.

Please refer to the contents of the sample csv file by clicking the Download Sample link at the top of the list.

Monitoring Job List

You can use the search form at the top of the Monitoring Jobs screen to view the list of previously registered content and the monitoring status.

  • Registration Date: Search based on the date the monitoring task was registered
  • Time Zone: Select the time zone for the date search (Local Time Zone or UTC)
  • Content Type, Title, Release Date, Monitoring Type, Takedown Type: Search by selecting the items entered during registration
  • Status: Search according to the progress of monitoring tasks (Monitoring, Stopped, Registration Failed, etc.)

After selecting a search condition, click the Search button to display a list of monitoring jobs. You can stop the monitoring by selecting a specific jobs, or click the link in the ‘Title’ column to go to the Monitoring Results screen for that content.

Jobs that are in ‘monitoring’ status after the release date will be billed monthly until they are stopped manually. When monitoring of the content is no longer necessary, be sure to stop the monitoring.

Monitoring Results and Actions

You can check the list of illegally leaked links by selecting the Monitoring Results item in the Anti-Piracy menu of PallyCon Console, and request watermark detection or takedown notice.

Monitoring Results Screen
Monitoring Results Screen

Query Monitoring Results

Apply the following search conditions to search illegal leaks found through monitoring.

  • Title: Search by selecting All or a specific content title
  • Search Period: Search results based on the date of registration
  • Time Zone: Select the time zone that is the basis of the search period (Local Time Zone or UTC)
  • Infringing Link: Search by specific site URL
  • Takedown Status, Detection Status: See detailed descriptions below for these options

Watermark Detection Status

Watermark detection can be requested if PallyCon Forensic Watermarking is applied to the registered content and the takedown has not yet been processed. The following status values ​​are used according to the progress and result of the detection request.

  • Available: Watermark detection request is possible because the link has not yet been deleted
  • Not Available: Watermark detection cannot be processed because the illegal link is deleted by the takedown notice
  • Downloading: Watermark detection is requested and the video is being downloaded from the illegal link
  • Detecting: Video download is complete and watermark detection is in progress
  • Completed: Watermark detection is completed and the result is available (you can find it on Forensic Watermarking > Detection Service screen)
  • Canceled: The detection request is canceled by the customer
  • Error: The downloaded video does not meet the detection requirements of PallyCon Forensic Watermarking
  • Failed: Failed to detect watermark information due to various attacks

Takedown Status

Takedown means requesting the site operator to stop posting illegal content for found illegally leaked links. (See: Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

Depending on the progress and results, the following status values are used:

  • Available: Takedown request is possible
  • Takedown requested: Takedown request is generated
  • In Progress: A takedown request has been sent to the site
  • Complete: The illegal content is deleted by the takedown request
  • Ignore: If a legitimate service site is considered as an illegal leak due to false positives, it is excluded by the ‘takedown exclusion’ request.
  • Failed: Items that failed to process takedown

Watermark detection request

Select the content you want to detect watermark in the checkbox on the left of the list and click the Request Detection button. When a detection request is received, PallyCon service downloads the video from the illegal link and attempts to detect the forensic watermark information.

The watermark detection process takes at least one business day, and the detailed detection result can be checked through the Forensic Watermarking > Detection Service screen of the PallyCon Console or through the registered email.

Watermark detection is charged separately according to the subscribed PallyCon Forensic Watermarking service plan. For details on detection fees, please check the PallyCon pricing page or through our business manager.

Takedown Request

You can request a takedown for items that have completed watermark detection or do not need the detection. Depending on whether forensic watermarking is applied or the customer’s choice, auto or manual takedown processing is possible.

Auto Takedown

If takedown type is entered as Automatic when registering a monitoring job, takedown requests are automatically processed for all monitored illegally leaked links. In this case, it is impossible to download the video required for watermarking detection, so manual takedown must be selected for content with PallyCon forensic watermarking applied.

Manual Takedown

If the takedown type is entered as Manual when registering the monitoring job, the takedown request for the monitored illegally leaked link must be handled manually by the customer. Content with forensic watermarking can be manually requested for takedown after performing watermark detection on a specific illegally leaked link according to the customer’s choice.