Other Release Notes

PallyCon Anti Piracy

Date Version Descriptions
2021.09.07 1.0.0 - A new product, PallyCon Anti Piracy service, has been released.
- With the content information registered by the customer, it is possible to automatically monitor illegal online leaks, to send takedown notice for illegal links, and to detect forensic watermarks.

PallyCon Distributor Watermarking

Date Version Descriptions
2024.05.14 3.5.2 - Internal stability improved.
2024.04.12 3.5.0 - Internal security improved.
2024.02.15 3.4.0 - Internal stability improved.
2024.02.08 3.3.1 - The detection rate has been improved.
- DWM DRM Embedder CLI is discontinued due to low customer demand.
2022.08.01 3.0.0 - New version of DWM PreEmbedder has been released with single frame detection support which reduces watermark detection time.
2022.06.27 2.2.0 - Added DWM DRM Embedder CLI to perform DWM embedding and DRM packaging operations. (supports ‘pre-release review’ scenario)
2022.03.23 2.1.0 - Added recipient list management function to DWM CLI PreEmbedder.
2022.01.20 2.0.0 - Apple ProRes codec support has been added.
- Watermark can be applied and detected on short clips down to 30 seconds. (The previous version can only be applied to videos longer than 5 minutes)
2021.06.02 1.1.0 - PallyCon Distributor Watermarking product, which can track illegal leaks by adding watermarks to videos distributed through multiple channels, has been newly released.
- You can input invisible watermark information (DWM ID) in the original video using the CLI-based DWM Embedder, and add a visible watermark to the video if necessary.
- Supports AVC, HEVC, Sony XDCAM and VP9 codec. (Apple ProRes will be supported soon)

PallyCon DWM API

Date Version Descriptions
2024.04.02 2.1.0 - Trial accounts are now available
- Added the ability to view Recipient details
- Added the ability to modify unused Recipients
- Added the ability to send job success/failure notification emails

PallyCon Service API

Date Version Descriptions
2024.03.20 2.34.0 - Added support for DRM Dashboard on Console.
2024.02.21 2.33.0 - Added support for site access limitation on sub-account creation.
2023.12.20 2.31.0 - Added support for MAU product on AWS marketplace.
2023.11.21 2.30.2 - Improved monthly estimate calculation for TPS plans.
- Fixed a bug with type search during TNP operations.
- Fixed a bug when approving a request to add a site.
2023.11.07 2.30.0 - Added API for License Cipher options.
- Added a Throughput Per Second (TPS) API to query daily license request traffic.
2023.11.07 2.29.0 - Added API to check MAL, MAU, and MAD numbers as of a specific day.
- Added APIs for product service suspension requests.
- Added product-specific service status fields to the Site List API.
- Added encryption for secret key information to the Get Site Info API.
- Fixed a bug in the Add Site Request API.
2023.08.22 2.28.1 - Added two-factor authentication feature for PallyCon Console.
2023.07.26 2.27.1 - Added A9226 error code for error handling when private key decryption fails during FPS DRM cert registration
2023.07.05 2.27.0 - Added the ability to view monthly usage history to the T&P service.
2023.06.20 2.26.0 - Changed parameters for the Stop FWM Detection Request API.
2023.05.31 2.25.0 - Added an API for uploading FWM detection files
- Added support for CMAF packaging to the T&P service
2023.04.03 2.23.0 - Added a function to detect the video when requesting video playback and detection through FWM Demo on the Pallycon Dev Console page.
2023.02.28 2.22.0 - Added T&P task status inquiry function.
- ReadMe contents have been changed when downloading FWM Seed Key.
- Job_id_operator parameter has been added when searching T&P history.
- Bugs related to plan change and service status stop requests have been fixed.
2023.01.11 2.19.0 - Added T&P service activation/deactivation request function.
- T&P service trial packaging limit reset request function has been added.
- T&P plan query API has been added.
2022.11.21 2.16.0 - Added APIs about Transcoding & Packaging service.
- Logic has been added to check the number of licenses issued per user.
2022.07.13 2.15.0 - Added API to inquire billing information of additional charge for CSL (Concurrent Stream Limiting) feature.
- Supports management of CSL-related charges in the multi-DRM commercial plan.
- Added license inquiry API parameter for CSL function.
2022.05.24 2.14.0 - Now you can inquire additional service charge for key rotation feature using the Service API.
- The console user ID modification and email duplicate check function have been added.
- Improved DRM license issuance history inquiry function.
2022.04.19 2.12.0 - Added a functionality that can request DWM watermark detection via API.
- Improved error messages about FWM packaging job.
- Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
2022.03.30 2.11.0 - Improved FWM watermark detection process internally.
2022.03.23 2.10.0 - Added recipient list management function to Distributor Watermarking service.
2022.01.11 2.9.0 - For content compatibility of forensic watermarking, the ability to set the segment start number of DASH/HLS content has been added.
- Now you can input the reason when requesting additional sites.
2021.12.16 2.8.1 - Fixed bugs about the service API.
2021.12.02 2.8.0 - Official release of Service API V2
- Added APIs for account management and forensic watermarking service
2020.10.04 1.0.0 - Internal release of Service API

PallyCon Console

Date Version Descriptions
2024.06.27 2.41.0 - Added the ability to request TNP service activation when switching to a paid plan.
- Improved display of service activation request status.
- Added subtitle format option to TNP job registration and detail view screens.
2024.06.25 2.40.0 - Added DRM Blacklist Management feature. You can block DRM license issuance for suspicious end users or devices.
- Added monthly usage statistics page for Distributor Watermarking service.
- Added License issuance ranking by device to the DRM dashboard screen.
- Added support for FairPlay certificates with encrypted formats.
2024.04.29 2.38.0 - In addition to the existing credit card payment methods, we’ve added ACH payment, which is US bank wire transfer method.
- Updated billing logic to prorate commercial plan subscription month and termination month charges based on the subscription and termination dates.
- We’ve masked some of the personal information on the console screen to protect your privacy.
2024.04.02 2.37.0 - Added DWM subscription plan.
- Added DWM recipient editing feature.
- Added DWM recipient lookup feature.
2024.03.20 2.36.0 - The existing dashboard screen has been changed to the Home screen.
- The DRM Dashboard screen has been added, which displays various metrics related to DRM.
2024.02.21 2.35.0 - Added the ability to select which sites are accessible when creating a sub-account in an account with multiple site IDs.
- For accounts signed up through the AWS Marketplace, we’ve removed the credit card registration UI from the billing screen to avoid confusion about payment methods.
2024.01.08 2.34.0 - Added support for DWM detection file uploading feature.
2023.12.20 2.33.0 - Added support for MAU product on AWS marketplace.
2023.11.21 2.32.0 - Added support for throughput per second (TPS) pricing based on license request traffic.
2023.11.07 2.30.0 - Added options for License Cipher feature.
- Added a daily Throughput Per Second (TPS) figure to the DRM Monthly Usage page to show license request traffic.
2023.08.22 2.29.0 - Two-factor authentication has been applied to secure the PallyCon Console site.
2023.08.09 2.28.0 - In T&P settings, enable TNP service button removed, as TNP service is enabled by default for Trial accounts only.
- TNP usage page improvement with respect to pie chart & display for all regions
2023.07.26 2.27.0 - Added Seoul region to the AWS regions available for T&P service trial
2023.07.05 2.26.0 - Added a new feature to view monthly usage history to the T&P service.
2023.06.20 2.26.0 - Added criteria of ‘output codec’ in the T&P job list search
2023.05.31 2.24.0 - Added support for uploading files when requesting FWM detection
- Added support for CMAF packaging to the T&P service
2023.05.16 2.23.0 - To reduce system load when searching for a large number of DRM license histories, the search period setting function has been changed to select a specific date.
2023.04.04 2.22.0 - Added a function to detect the video when requesting video playback and detection through FWM Demo on the Pallycon Dev Console page.
2023.02.28 2.21.0 - Added timeline to T&P job details.
- Improved T&P job ID search function.
- Improved T&P job registration page UI.
2023.01.11 2.20.0 - Added T&P service activation/deactivation request function.
- A function to request an extension of the number of T&P service trial packaging has been added.
- A storage registration function has been added in the T&P job registration page.
2022.11.21 2.16.4 - Added Transcoding & Packaging menu to PallyCon Console.
- Removed unnecessary vertical scrolls from Console screens.
2022.09.26 2.16.3 - To improve the handling of the DRM key rotation function, the console UI has been changed so that key rotation can be activated only through a separate consultation. (Key rotation cannot be activated when subscribing to the basic plan)
2022.07.13 2.16.0 - Supports ‘Concurrent Stream Limiting’ (CSL) function to prevent excessive account sharing.
- You can choose the CSL option when applying for the multi-DRM commercial plan.
2022.04.19 2.14.0 - You can now request DWM watermark detection on PallyCon Console, instead of Helpdesk.
- Improved displaying error codes and status about FWM packaging service.
2022.03.23 2.13.0 - Now you can input and manage recipient list for Distributor Watermarking service.
2022.01.11 2.12.0 - Added an item to enter the reason for the request when requesting ‘Additional site’.
- All SDK items on the ‘File Downloads’ page are now available to all accounts by default. However, you must subscribe to a service plan that includes the right to use the SDK for commercial services.
- When registering an FPS certificate, the maximum length of the private key password applicable has been increased from 32 characters to 2048 characters.
- It has been improved so that the user can understand the cause of the error by displaying detailed messages about errors that occur during the FPS certificate registration process.
2021.12.02 2.11.0 - Added function for requesting additional service site in an account. It can be used when integrating multiple service sites with one account, such as a PallyCon reseller partner.
2021.11.22 2.10.0 - Improved to display packaging status for each ABR track of a job.
- For accounts that do not have permission to use the SDK, a message regarding SDK request will be displayed on the ‘Product Download’ page.
2021.11.10 2.9.0 - Access control for menu items is available for sub-accounts.
2021.10.20 2.8.1 - The related function has been removed due to the discontinuation of the anti-capture product.
- Fixed an error where permission error messages were not displayed normally.
2021.09.07 2.8.0 - PallyCon Anti Piracy service function that can monitor and block illegal online leaks has been added.
- Forensic watermarking detection service function has been added. You can now request watermark detection through the console or API.
2021.08.11 2.7.1 - Fixed an error where the subtitle file was not displayed in the FWM packaging job information.
2021.08.10 2.7.0 - You can now view not only credit cards, but also bank transfers and AWS consolidated billing items in the billing information list.
2021.07.14 2.6.0 - We changed the credit card payment gateway to Stripe.
2021.06.21 2.5.0 - If multiple audio tracks are input in a FWM SaaS packaging job, the first audio track is set as the default audio in the DASH/HLS packaging output.
- We fixed an error related to the time zone on the DRM history information screen.
2021.06.02 2.4.0 - We added new menus and screens for Distributor Watermarking, our newly launched product.
- We added ‘What’s New’ widget to show our latest product updates on Console.
- We added validation check for input data in the FPS cert registration.
2021.05.06 2.3.0 - When registering a forensic watermarking packaging job with a trial account, a function to check the trial limit on the input file size has been added.
- Forensic watermarking SaaS packaging and DRM packaging records screen UI has been improved.
2021.04.07 2.2.2 - We fixed a bug in the monthly estimated billing amount calculation.
2021.03.31 2.2.0 - You can now check the monthly billing history for DRM usage and the estimated billing amount for the current month on PallyCon Console. The estimated billing amount can be different from the actual invoice at the end of the month, depending on your usage after that point.
- You can now request account termination on PallyCon Console. Upon receipt of your request, our business team will review and terminate your account.
- We have shortened the waiting time on the email confirmation page by improving the registration and authentication processing on sign up.
2021.03.03 2.1.2 - Now you can input blank or period character in the audio label text when registering a watermark packaging job.
- Now you can check the total count of licenses on the DRM Monthly Usage page.
- Added commas in the license count number for better readability.
- Added input/output storage checking logic on watermark packaging job registration to avoid the ‘same storages were input’ error before starting the job.
- Fixed a bug that caused failure while uploading FPS cert on Console.
- Fixed a bug about local timezone that caused ‘cannot see the records’ issue in India.
2021.01.27 2.1.0 - Added ‘DRM monthly usage’ page that shows daily license count in a month period. (PallyCon Console > Multi-DRM > DRM monthly usage)
- Added ‘sub member’ feature to create multiple members in different groups. (PallyCon Console > Settings > Member Settings)
- Added ‘Timezone’ option to browse various records in UTC or local timezone.
- Added input file options in Forensic Watermarking packaging service. (PallyCon Console > Forensic Watermarking > Packaging Service > Packaging)
2020.12.16 2.0.0 - Added domain settings for Anti-Capture and Visible Watermarking products
- Applied SPA(Single Page Application)
- Separated setting and plan for each product