Watermark Detection Service Guide

Watermark detection analyzes each frame of the video to detect the original watermark pattern and decrypts the data with the secret key used at the time of insertion. If the watermark payload is found through the detection process, the session database finds the session information whose key value is the payload and reports it as the detection result.

    participant A as Service site
    participant B as PallyCon service
    A ->> B: Suspicious content
    Note right of B: Detect watermark (payload)
    B -->> B: Analyze video frames
    opt Watermark detected
    Note right of B: Session database
    B -->> B: Find session data
    B ->> A: Report detection result

Tutorial Video

This video is a tutorial about how to request Forensic Watermarking detection.

Requirements for Detection

For watermark detection, a continuous recorded video of at least 5 minutes or longer is required. PallyCon Forensic Watermark solution is robust against various attacks including resizing, but the actual detection rate of the watermark may vary depending on the video quality (resolution, bitrate, shake, etc.) used for detection. The minimum specification required for detection is 480p 1Mbps or higher, and most of the video over 720p can be detected.

The detailed requirements for watermark detection are as follows:

Item Description
Minimum video length In order to detect watermarks, continuous recorded video without repeating sections with a length of at least 5 minutes is required
Video quality At least 480p with 1Mbps is required for detection. 720p or higher quality recommended
Video stability Requires fixed recorded video without shaking. Undetectable if the screen is shaken due to shooting with a handheld camera or smartphone
Buffering or freezing There must be a section that was played normally without buffering or screen freezing for at least 5 minutes

Registering Watermark Detection

To request watermark detection, click the Register Detection Request button on the Forensic Watermarking > Detection Service screen of the PallyCon Console.

On the registration screen, enter the title of the target content and the link to download the detection target file, and click the Register button to register the watermark detection request.

  • Content Title: Information to distinguish each item on the detection list screen. This information is not used in the actual watermark detection operation.
  • Target Download Link: Enter a ‘direct download link’ for the video file so that it can be downloaded by PallyCon service system without any additional information or manual action. You can also enter a link to cloud storage such as Google Drive.

Reviewing Detection Result

After registering the detection request, you can check the request list with progress and detection result for each item on the Detection Service screen.

  • Checkbox: You can request cancel detection after selecting items that are being detected.
  • Detection ID: A unique ID for each detection request
  • Content Title: The title value entered on the request registration
  • Type:
    • Watermark - When detection is requested through the detection service or API.
    • Anti-Piracy - When detection is requested through the PallyCon Anti Piracy service
  • Status: Displays the detection progress. For a detailed list of statuses, please refer to the next section.
  • Registration Date: The time the detection request was registered
  • Complete Date: The time the detection task was completed

Detection Status

The watermark detection operation can have the following statuses according to the progress.

  • Submitted: The detection request is registered in the system.
  • Downloading: The detection target video is being downloaded.
  • Detecting: The download is complete and watermark detection is in progress.
  • Completed: Watermark detection is completed and the result is available.
  • Canceled: The detection request was canceled by the user.
  • Error: Detection cannot proceed because the target video does not meet the requirements.
  • Failed: Tried to detect watermark, but failed due to various attacks.

Detection Result Screen

If you click the link in the ‘Content Title’ of the detection request list, you can check detailed information and detection results for each detection task. The following information is displayed in the detection result.

  • Result: The same status value as the above detection status is displayed.
  • Watermark Token: When detection is successful, the watermark data (payload) actually inserted into the target video is displayed.
  • Watermark: A watermark string that is stored with the above watermark token as a key value. (forensic_mark value of the session API)
  • Error Code: If the detection status is Error or Failed, the corresponding error code is displayed.
  • Error message: Displays the error message corresponding to the error code.