PallyCon Multi-DRM SDK

PallyCon Multi-DRM SDK is a product that helps you to apply DRM easily and
quickly to Windows PC, Android and iOS applications.


PallyCon Multi DRM SDK

A product that helps you to apply DRM easily and quickly to Windows PC, Android and iOS applications.


Service Features

Easy and fast Multi DRM client development

Integrated license management APIs and pre-built download capabilities make it easy and fast to develop Multi DRM client applications.

Support for download and offline scenarios

Supports local download of encrypted DASH, HLS, NCG content and playback in offline environment. You can set up DTR(Download to Rent) or DTO(Download to Own) licenses.

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Extended Client Device Support Scope

Using its own downloadable DRM, it can support older OS or non-Google certified devices that native DRM does not support.

Superior security

Certificate-based secure channel communications and license management, key protection using white-box encryption, and time-tampering capabilities of Download-to-Rent licenses ensure high security requirements for premium content.

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OS support

Widevine Android SDK : Android 4.4 or later(Google certified), Android 5.0 or later for download scenario
NCG Android SDK : Android 4.0 or later(includig non-Google certified), supports download scenario
FPS iOS SDK : iOS 9.0 or later, iOS 10.0 or later for download scenario
FPS tvOS SDK : tvOS 10.0 or later, does not support download scenario
NCG iOS SDK : iOS 9.0 or later, supports download scenario
NCG Windows SDK : Windows 7.0 or later, supports decryption of NCG content (need to be integrated with player)

Encryption types

CENC : Encryption of DASH content for PlayReady, Widevine DRM
AES-128 : Encryption of HLS content for FairPlay Streaming and NCG DRM
NCG : Encryption of MP4 content for NCG(Netsync Content Guard) DRM

Media format

MP4 Video/Audio file
HLS(Http Live Streaming) mpeg-ts
H.264, AAC codec, H.265/HEVC codec(requires supported device)
Can support other media formats such as ePub (using NCG DRM, requires integration with viewer or player)

Playback type

Streaming : DASH, HLS, MP4 Progressive Download (NCG DRM)
Local playback : DASH, HLS, NCG(MP4) local download and playback

Security rule in License

Allowing external display
Applying HDCP
Allowing rooting/jailbreak

License acquisition

Callback Gateway type : integrated with PallyCon cloud server by building gateway page on customer’s system
License token type : acquire license using a token issued from PallyCon cloud server. Requires implementation for token request and receive processing.

Security features

Certificate-based secure communications and license management
Key protection with white-box encryption
Detect device time manipulation(support offline environment)
Prevent screen recording(Android)

How it Works

The following is a technical explanation of PallyCon Multi DRM Solution.



To play an encrypted content, the Player APP must be developed by using the PallyCon SDK (Android/iOS/PC).

PallyCon SDK requests the licensing information that’s required for playback to the PallyCon Multi DRM server. PallyCon Multi DRM server then authenticates the Callback page that is registered internally for user verification and issues the license that corresponds to the DRM type of each device.

All policies for playback (device control, limited term usage, unlimited use, etc.) can be implemented and applied through the Callback page.


Easy to apply for complex Multi DRM construction using PallyCon Multi DRM.


Easy to apply for complex Multi DRM construction using PallyCon Multi DRM.