Watermark Embedding

In order to embed a watermark in the original video, a preprocessing operation is required in the content encoding process. A watermarked value (0 and 1) is inserted in the original uncompressed video frame to generate a watermarked frame and output as two sets of encoded video.

The inserted watermark value is encrypted using a secret key unique to each content service provider, and can not be extracted from the outside arbitrarily.

graph TD; A[Source frame] --> B(Watermark embedder) B --> C["Two set of watermarked
frame (0 and 1)"] subgraph PallyCon forensic watermarking D(Watermark 0 and 1) -->|Secret key| B end

The watermark embedding method can be selected from CLI embedder, embedder library or watermarking packaging service depending on the customer’s environment.

CLI Embedder Guide

PallyCon CLI Embedder is a Command Line Interface (CLI) based watermark embedder that inserts a watermark to the encoded result. This document explains how to install and use the CLI Embedder.

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Embedder Library Guide

PallyCon Embedder Library is a watermark embedder implemented as a C ++ library so that it can be ported to an encoding solution. This document explains how to use the Embedder Library.

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Packaging Service Guide

PallyCon Forensic Watermarking Service provides cloud-based watermark embedding and packaging service. This document explains how to use the service.

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Packaging API Guide

Watermark embedding and packaging for forensic watermarking can also be done via HTTP-based APIs. This document describes storage management and packaging operations APIs for packaging processing.

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