PallyCon Watermarking Service

PallyCon Watermarking is a cloud-based SaaS service that allows you to quickly and easily apply watermarking without building complex server environments.


Please refer to the following guide for watermarking service.

Watermarking Concepts and Terms

This document describes various call API specifications for PallyCon Forensic Watermarking service.

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Watermarking Integration Workflow

This document describes the end-to-end workflows and options of PallyCon Forensic Watermarking integration.

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Watermark Preprocessing Guide

To apply watermarking to your content, you need a preprocessing process that generates two versions of the watermark image from a single video. This document describes how to preprocess in a cloud-based packaging service or with an encoder integration.

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Watermark Embedding Guide

Two versions (A/B variants) of the video are mixed at the playback time according to the user (session) information and delivered to the client. This document explains how to use the session manager and the watermark embedding module that can run on your CDN edge servers.

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Watermark Detecting Guide

If a content service site obtains a leaked version of the watermarked content, it can track the leaker by detect the watermark.

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Visible Watermarking Guide

This document describes how to use PallyCon Visible Watermarking to show user information on the player screen.

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Release Notes

This document shows release notes for PallyCon Watermarking products.

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