Other Release Notes

PallyCon Anti-Capture

Anti-Capture Windows SDK

2021.02.02 1.1.0 - Changed module naming (Secure Video Watch), Changed icon design and extension description
2020.05.21 1.0.0 - Initial release of Anti-Capture SDK

PallyCon Visible Watermarking

Visible Watermark SDK

Date Version Descriptions
2020.09.29 1.2.0 - Added ‘margin’ to positiontype option. Watermark position can be set with fixed value.
2020.09.08 1.1.0 - Added siteId parameter for authentication.
- Added support for linebreak in watermark text. Removed the text length limit.
2020.06.02 1.0.0 - Initial release of Visible Watermark SDK

PallyCon Console

Date Version Descriptions
2021.01.27 2.1.0 - Added ‘DRM monthly usage’ page that shows daily license count in a month period. (PallyCon Console > Multi-DRM > DRM monthly usage)
- Added ‘sub member’ feature to create multiple members in different groups. (PallyCon Console > Settings > Member Settings)
- Added ‘Timezone’ option to browse various records in UTC or local timezone.
- Added input file options in Forensic Watermarking packaging service. (PallyCon Console > Forensic Watermarking > Packaging Service > Packaging)
2020.12.16 2.0.0 - Added domain settings for Anti-Capture and Visible Watermarking products
- Applied SPA(Single Page Application)
- Separated setting and plan for each product