Packager and Sample Downloads

You can download PallyCon Packager and PallyCon integration sample from the below links, to integrate PallyCon service with your service site.

PallyCon Packager

  • PallyCon Packager is a Command Line Interface (CLI) based tool that packages original content into encrypted streaming content with Multi-DRM.
  • Please refer to the guide for details of PallyCon Packager.
Download PallyCon Packager

Multi-DRM callback integration sample

  • This integration sample contains web page source codes which are provided in various server-side languages such as Python, JSP, ASP, PHP and Node.js.
  • Please refer to the guide for details of callback-type integration.
Sample Type GitHub Link

Multi-DRM token integration sample

  • This sample contains source codes which generates license token data for token-type license integration.
  • Please refer to the license token guide for detailed specification of token-type license integration.

The current token generation sample is only available in Node.js version. Please refer to license token tutorial for step-by-step explanation of the sample.

Download Node.js token generation sample

Forensic watermarking CDN integration sample

  • PallyCon Forensic Watermarking service requires CDN integration for real time watermark mixing.

  • You can download the Lambda@Edge sample source for the AWS CloudFront CDN integration from the link below.

Download CloudFront Lambda sample

If you need to use a CDN other than CloudFront, please contact us.

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