Packager and Sample Downloads

You can download PallyCon Packager and PallyCon integration sample from the below links, to integrate PallyCon service with your service site.

PallyCon Packager

  • PallyCon Packager is a Command Line Interface (CLI) based tool that packages original content into encrypted streaming content with Multi-DRM.
  • Please refer to the guide for details of PallyCon Packager.
Download PallyCon Packager

Multi-DRM callback integration sample

  • This integration sample contains web page source codes which are provided in various server-side languages such as Python, JSP, ASP, PHP and Node.js.
  • Please refer to the guide for details of callback-type integration.

NOTE: Node.js version sample is used for Quick Start Guide process.

Sample Type GitHub Link

Multi-DRM token integration sample

  • This sample contains source codes which generates license token data for token-type license integration.
  • Please refer to the guide for details of token-type license integration.

The current token generation sample is only available in Node.js version, and other language versions will be added in the future.

Download Node.js token generation sample

Forensic watermarking CDN integration sample

  • PallyCon Forensic Watermarking service requires CDN integration for real time watermark mixing.

  • You can download the Lambda@Edge sample source for the AWS CloudFront CDN integration from the link below.

Download CloudFront Lambda sample

If you need to use a CDN other than CloudFront, please contact us.

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