Watermarking Release Notes

Server and API

Watermark Packaging Server

Date Version Descriptions
2022.03.24 2.0.2 - Applied FWM CLI PreEmbedder v2.5.1 which fixes the FWM+DRM content playback issue on M1 macOS Safari
2021.11.22 2.0.0 - The packaging speed has been improved by distributing watermark preprocessing for adaptive streaming content on multiple servers.
- For better player compatibility, the default format of packaged subtitles has been changed from embedding to WebVTT text subtitles.
- Improved to display packaging status for each ABR track of a job.
2021.08.11 1.7.3 - Fixed an error where the packaging job failed with subtitle files.
2021.06.21 1.7.0 - You can now set default track information for DASH/HLS content with multiple audio tracks.
2021.04.27 1.6.0 - Now you can input track label to DASH packaging output.
2021.03.03 1.5.0 - Updated to allow blank or period character in the audio label input for a watermark packaging job.
2021.01.27 1.4.0 - Added input file options feature for track name and audio language info
2021.01.06 1.3.3 - Fixed issue with some HEVC codec while watermark packaging
2020.11.05 1.3.2 - Fixed issue with non-DRM packaging
2020.11.03 1.3.1 - Fixed issue with checking codec for trial account
2020.09.16 1.3.0 - Added DASH related packaging options
- Added multi-key related options for DRM packaging
- Optimized watermark preprocessing logic to reduce pixelation
2020.09.08 1.2.1 - The minimum length limit for packaging video is changed from 12 minutes to 5 minutes.
- Supports packaging of adaptive contents with separate audio tracks
2020.08.19 1.2.0 - HEVC packaging support, correction of case processing error of subtitle language code
2020.07.29 1.1.1 - Updated the length limit of the input file path (up to 512 bytes supported)
2020.06.10 1.1.0 - Added support for Akamai CDN integration
2019.01.15 1.0.0 - SaaS Packaging Server 1.0 release

Watermark API

Date Version Descriptions
2022.09.21 2.11.0 - A limit on the number of requests for watermark detection by trial customers (up to 2 times) has been applied.
2022.06.14 2.10.0 - Added space restrictions on file paths when registering packaging jobs.
2022.03.30 2.9.0 - Added support for automatic watermark detection.
- Fixed a space error in the input option when creating a packaging job.
2021.11.22 2.8.0 - Improved handling of multiple jobs using the packaging job queue.
- Fixed an issue with forensic watermarking trial limitations.
2021.06.21 2.6.0 - You can now set default track information for DASH/HLS content with multiple audio tracks.
2021.04.28 2.5.0 - When registering a forensic watermarking packaging job with a trial account, a function to check the trial limit on the input file size has been added.
2021.01.27 2.4.0 - Added input file option API parameter for track name and audio language info
2020.10.27 2.3.1 - Fixed issue about trial check
2020.09.16 2.3.0 - Added DASH related packaging options
- Added multi-key related options for DRM packaging
- Changed packaging ‘Start Date’ to the start of input content downloading
2020.08.19 2.2.0 - Added prevention of storage removal
2020.06.10 2.1.0 - Added support for Akamai CDN integration
2020.05.12 2.0.0 - Updated to V2 API

Watermark Session API

Date Version Descriptions
2022.01.11 1.4.0 - Added the ability to generate watermark tokens according to different segment start numbers (0 or 1) for different encoder/packager solutions.
- Added JIT type DWM embedding support function for DWM integration with file transfer solutions.
2021.09.14 1.3.0 - The session URL API for CloudFront and the API for Akamai, which were previously provided separately, have been merged into one.
- Watermark Token API that can receive only watermark token data included in the session URL has been added.
2020.12.01 1.2.0 - Fixed the API response delay issue
2020.09.15 1.1.1 - Added API call limit for trial account (max 1,000 calls)
- Added limit for watermark string length (max 254 bytes)
2020.05.13 1.1.0 - Added SessionUrl API for Akamai CDN
2019.12.26 1.0.0 - Initial release of Session API

Other Modules

CloudFront Embedder

Date Version Descriptions
2022.01.11 2.5.0 - Added support for preprocessed content through Hybrik encoder and watermark plugin.
2021.11.25 2.4.0 - For consistency with other modules, the name of the existing config_type option has been changed to composing_type. (supports ‘directory_prefix’ and ‘unlabeled_a_variant’ options)
2021.09.07 2.3.0 - Added support for contents with Unlabeled A variant type packaging.
2021.05.04 2.2.2 - Fixed a bug about availableInterval setting
2020.11.18 2.2.1 - Fixed a bug about package.json
2020.11.10 2.2.0 - Added support for AWS MediaConvert
- Moved siteKey, integration type configuration to config.json
2020.09.16 2.1.0 - Added support for generate_tracktype_manifests option.
2020.03.26 2.0.1 - Changed the number of ts per GOP.
2019.08.22 2.0.0 - Updated for Shaka Packager integration.
2018.01.27 1.0.0 - Initial release of Lambda@Edge module

CLI Preprocessor (Integrated into the FWM CLI Packager)

Date Version Descriptions
2020.09.09 2.0.3 - Optimized watermark strength for better invisibility
2020.07.24 2.0.2 - Extended input filename length from 256 to 512
2020.01.30 2.0.0 - Updated for shorter video length required to detect watermark. (12 mins -> 5 mins)
- Optimized watermark strength for invisibility and robustness.
2019.04.11 1.3.1 - Added support for HDR 10 hardware decoding.
- Shows ‘DEMO’ in the video when a trial key is used.
2019.03.11 1.3.0 - Added support for UHD resolution, HEVC codec, and HDR.
- Added support for multi-thread decoding.
2018.07.16 1.0.0 - Initial release of CLI preprocessor

FWM Preprocessor SDK (previously released as Preprocessor Library)

Date Version Descriptions
2022.08.01 1.0.0 - Changed the module name (Preprocessor Library -> Preprocessor SDK)
- Updated API functions to be optimized for encoder/transcoder integration

FWM CLI Packager

Date Version Descriptions
2022.03.21 2.5.1 - Improved compatibility with Apple M1 mac Safari to resolve a playback issue of DRM+FWM contents on the environment
- Improved watermark detection rate for low resolution videos
- For consistency with other modules, the name of the existing cdnpack_option item has been changed to composing_type. (supports ‘directory_prefix’ and ‘unlabeled_a_variant’ options)
- Updated watermark core for better invisibility
2021.06.22 2.2.0 - To improve the usability of the existing CLI preprocessor, we have released the FWM CLI Packager that can perform A/B version preprocessing and DRM packaging with a single command.

FWM Hybrik Preprocessor

Date Version Descriptions
2022.01.05 1.0.0 - We have released FWM Hybrik Preprocessor which can generate A/B versions via Dolby Hybrik Encoder.
- By linking the Docker-based Hybrik video filter plug-in, ‘0/1’ watermark information can be applied during the encoding process. And DRM-encrypted DASH/HLS packaging can be performed at the same time through CPIX API integration.