Introducing PallyCon DR(Disaster Recover) system

The stability of online services based on cloud platforms has emerged as a major issue due to the massive failure of the AWS Seoul region in November last year. Traditionally, high-availability (HA) systems have been applied to redundant systems within a region to prevent failures in some systems. However it is impossible to cope with the problems that arise in a whole region with HA systems. Therefore, there is a need for multi-region DR system.

This article introduces the application of the multi-regional DR system to PallyCon cloud service to automatically address large-scale failures of cloud platform and minimize damage.

Introducing PallyCon DR System


PallyCon DR system uses AWS Seoul region as the main system in normal condition. When it detects a failure of the main system through the health check function of Seoul region, it automatically switches the service to the backup system in Tokyo region.

Amazon Route53 periodically checks the service status of the AWS Seoul region to convert the service DNS to the Tokyo region in the event of a failure.

Health Check


PallyCon DR System Health check function
Cycle 30 seconds (minimum 10 seconds possible)
Region Seoul, Tokyo
Method Check whether the database connection state of the region is normal through a specific API such as DRM license request URL
Failover condition If a service failure is continuously detected for 3 minutes, it will be switched to Tokyo region. Then, if the disruption of Seoul region is recovered and the normal state of service is continuously detected for 3 minutes, it returns to Seoul region again.


Health Check results are stored in Amazon CloudWatch, and in conjunction with CloudWatch's SNS Alarm function, administrators are notified about disaster recovery processing.

DR Server Architecture and Restrictions


The database used by PallyCon service is replicated in real-time with a cross-region replica. When the service is running in Tokyo region due to a fault, it is possible to inquire existing information and issue licenses in a 'Read Only' state. This backup system minimizes the impact of the regional failure on PallyCon's customers.


However, it is not possible to write new data such as content packaging info during the failure, because processing multi-master in the inter-regional database is not supported.


The backup system in the Tokyo region basically runs one instance of each major servers, but it can be expanded automatically by auto-scaling depending on the traffic.

Automatic configuration and deployment of DR infrastructure


PallyCon DR system uses AWS CloudFormation or Terraform to quickly and accurately handle repetitive DR infra configurations and deployments.


It enables asynchronous copying of changed resources such as AMIs, and handles automatic configuration and deployment tasks such as reorganizing the launch configuration for AMI changes and deploying auto-scaling.



The use of cloud platforms such as AWS for various online services is becoming commonplace, and transition from on-premise solutions to cloud-based solutions-as-a-service (SaaS) is accelerating. In addition to your own service, it is also needed to make sure that the SaaS solution used by the service is also covered by a disaster recovery system.


PallyCon multi-region DR system can recover PallyCon service in about three minutes even in the event of a major failure across a region of AWS cloud platform. This minimizes disruption to your business continuity or finances.

Be safe with PallyCon content protection service.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Protection For E-Books, Mobiles And Other Content

Digital Rights Management is an approach which is systematic and is used for the protection of copyright in connection to the digital media. This is also referred as DRM. This is a big help in preventing redistribution of digital media which is unauthorized and also can control the ways in which consumers are able to copy the content which they have purchased. The increase in online piracy of commercially marketed material, which was proliferated using the peer-to-peer exchange programs, is the main cause of the development of DRM programs. This DRM can be implemented by embedding a code that prevents copying, also specifying a time period for accessing the content and limiting the number of devices to install the media.


Methods and Applications

There are a number of applications and methods for DRM. Few listed below are able to give you a fair idea of what it is all about.

1. A company can set its server in a way so as to block e-mail which is sensitive.

2. An e-book server can restrict the access, printing and copying of materials based on the restrictions by the copyright holder of the content. This goes a long way in content protection.

3. A movie studio is able to include, in the DVD’s, software limiting the number of copies a user is able to make.

4. A music label can release titles on a certain type of CD that can confuse ripping software.


Prevents Piracy

There are many of us who feel the use of DRM being overly restrictive. But considering the fact that every time someone who is downloading MP3 file of a song which is copyrighted instead of taking the trouble to buy the CD, the artist who has created the song and the music label who owns that copyright lose out heavily. This DRM is perfectly legitimate and is one way to bring some semblance into the world of piracy. Not to forget the movie industry, which seems to be losing out billions due to piracy. The drm is able to protect your content and can give you that peace you so desire, helping in not encouraging piracy.


DRM and Mobiles

With the changing times, many businesses are turning to mobiles for their businesses. Being able to use drm in mobiles ensures the safety of your content with integrity. OMA DRM (Open Mobile Alliance Digital Rights Management) is a mechanism of DRM defined by the Open Mobile Appliance. A mobile drm is designed in a way that can keep control over the media objects. It can govern the usage of the content, allowing the developing of the new end-user features and mobile content services of different kinds for service developers, content providers, service providers and operators.


Positives of DRM

This system is able to give the confidence to content providers by ensuring the digital media files are protected notwithstanding their distribution. The process of license acquisition enables companies to target customer information. A content owner being able to change the media file encryption keys on an everyday basis, or even after few hours, is sure of the protection. Getting hold of the best drm, you can ensure the protection of your content.

For every e-content publisher, worries related to piracy and unauthorized sharing of the digital content is quite usual. With the gradual flourishing of digital content publication in any form, be it E-books, videos, or music, there are also multiple security threats faced by the third party users. The ideas of piracy and digital communication are antithetical, and in order to make the digital contents and the management of license secure, DRM technology had evolved.


The DRM technology has multiple facets and as a whole it offers security to the digital contents preventing unauthorized re-production, sharing and usage of the content including its applications. PallyCon is a renowned DRM service provider in the global market providing comprehensive DRM solutions to the developers and publishers.




Apart from offering specialized DRM services for mobile contents, OTT contents, multiscreen systems, the company also offers cloud-based DRM to support maximum flexibility and ease of usage. The brand also provides Wowza HLS DRM solutions which ensure effective encryption of Wowza Streaming Engine media for Apple’s devices like iPad and iPhone that use the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol.


The E-book DRM solution offered by the company comes with mobile ePub viewer that integrates with the PallyCon DRM client and ensures a complete content protection solution for e-books. With the perfect blend of technical expertise and research-oriented networking, PallyCon strives to satisfy its clients in the best possible ways.