Anti Capture

PallyCon Anti-Capture is an add-on to PallyCon’s multi-DRM service
that prevents illegal leaks by recording Chrome browser screens.

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PallyCon Anti Capture

Widevine DRM에서 막지 못하는 크롬 브라우저 화면 녹화에 의한 불법 유출을 차단합니다.

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Why You Need PallyCon Anti-Capture

In the Chrome browser, even multi-DRM-protected video can be easily leaked through screen recording.

You can prevent the leakage using PallyCon Anti-Capture which detects various screen recording programs and remote / virtual environments.

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Features of PallyCon Anti-Capture

Prevent Capture on Chrome

It prevents illegal leakage of content by screen recording that Chrome’s Widevine DRM cannot prevent.

Easy to Apply

Can be applied to your service with no hassle. (provides VideoJS sample)

Thorough Prevention

It detects various screen recording programs and Chrome extensions, and recognizes and blocks various remote control programs and virtual environments.

Robust Against Attacks

Anti-debugging and code obfuscation are applied to protect the code against page source changes and debugging attempts.

Anti Capture – How It Works

PallyCon Anti Capture product consist of the following modules:

JavaScript API

Added to a web page to communicate with the Chrome extension for anti-capture functionality.

Chrome Extension

Responsible for communicating between the web page's JavaScript API and the PallyCon Anti-Capture application.

Service Application

This application runs as a Windows service and monitors the screen recording program or remote control environment.

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